I Matter Local for Kendal Parents-Carers.. 

I Matter Local is to help you find others in your community interested in supporting an I Matter approach

I Matter Local for Kendal Parents-Carers....

I Matter Local For Kendal Parents-Carers 


In our meetings .. you can 

+ Connect with others with similar interests 

+ Deepen your learning about the I Matter Framework

+ Bring a Community learning Wheel to life 

+ Share challenges and experiences

+ Swap ideas and opportunities

+ Be part of a vibrant and supportive community

Get help and support to build your confidence



Who is the I Matter Local for Professionals  for ?

The local group is for members who live and work in the Kendal community area  

How many people will there be?

Anything up to ten people at each one would be a good guess, but numbers can vary in each location..

How much is it? 

For I Matter members the cost is free.  Some additional events may be organised with a fee.  When open to non members there will be a discount for members

Do I have to be an I Matter Member to attend?

Yes, you do need to have completed initial training unless the advertised event is specifically open to non-members

Can I go to one away from where I live?

Of course! Just register with one of the other lists and book as you would for one closest to you. When your Local leader gets in touch, please let them know

How do I book? 

Simply click on your preferred local location and register.  When there is an additional event charge we will send you a payment link

Coming Dates and Events

20th November 2019


29th January 2020


18th March 2020 


What happens in an I Matter Local for... Event?  

Our I Matter Local events are facilitated by an approved local Lead Professional.  The core programme is run on a similar structure though the locally determined programme will be adjusted to meet the needs of the specific Local For...group.

1.00-1.15pm: Arrival and informal networking

1.15-1.30pm: Introductions and overview of I Matter Local

1.30-2.15pm: Discussion (this will have a theme for each event determined by your local leader)

2.15-3.00pm: Challenges, cheers and chances (discuss challenges, celebrate wins, share opportunities)

3.00-3.15pm: How to join I Matter Local

3.15pm Close