I Matter Challenge for Advanced Practice

What does it look like when we follow some evidence based principles?

I Matter Challenge for Advanced Practice


+ Are you a licensed professional with several years of experience supporting children and families?

+ Do you have experience of working with children in schools and with teachers and headteachers?

+ Do you have some therapeutic training and know about principles of therapeutic practice with adults and children?

+ Do you have experience and an interest in supporting children with a variety of additional social-emotional needs?


If so training in the I Matter Framework can provide you with tools to bring all this experience together so that you can play a role in your community in developing and taking forward a strategy to help those who are most vulnerable.


Training in the I Matter Framework for experienced practitioners can help you take a lead in your community with parents of children who are struggling and in the creation of a community hub.  It will support you in

I) Clearly articulating a new direction of travel  

ii) Running a rolling programme of training for professionals and parents

iii) Engaging with professionals with a variety of experiences

iv) Developing care plans for those who are most vulnerable

v) Taking a lead in drawing disparate initiatives into a consistent reasoned approach


We have now worked with experienced professionals from a full range of roles and disciplines. I Matter Training helps experienced professionals to start thinking differently about a range of interconnected needs and initiatives.

If you would like to learn more about joining the I Matter Challenge or signing up for a Service starter package, why not contact us to let us know you are interested or book yourself in for an initial call