Welcome!  Discover the I Matter Framework!
We offer You solid Relationship Health Education foundations as key to improving child and adult wellbeing at home and at work

Welcome!  Would you like to improve your own understanding and confidence so you can make a difference, even in these very difficult times? Our mission is to help professionals, parents and young people gain stronger foundations for healthier, happier  relationships and resilience in their own communities.

First there are some important ideas to learn.  However we think we can help you gain clarity and confidence that matters - if you are willing to work at it.  


My name is Dr Cathy Betoin. I am a clinical psychologist,  teacher and parent. My specialism is in helping you to consider 'the missing link' in challenging situations with adults and children whether in an education, adult or child mental health, physical health or safer communities context.  

The missing link is the knowledge and skills needed to support strong relationship health and resilience in adult-child and adult-adult relationships... starting with You in your current important roles.

We keep a long view and a results focussed process.  When you change, you can help others to change too.

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The foundation of our carefully structured training pathway is The I Matter Framework.  This offers a practical and engaging integration of the research evidence on child and adult development and on what helps children and adults to thrive.  It supports self-assessment, joined up working and introduces relationship health practice.

Who is an I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey For?  
I Matter Training is for professionals and parents and young people who are ready to study and take action with others to find a new way forward.triangle - only2.JPG

The I Matter Programme provides a stepped approach to strengthen confidence in everyday roles. Participants learn how to recognise the opportunities for effective actions that exist in everyday situations in their own home and work roles, so that confidence can grow and adults and children can gain the skills needed to build and restore stronger relationships that are key to inner strength over time.

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Dr Cathy Betoin is a practising clinical psychologist, an experienced teacher and a parent.  

The I Matter Framework emerged gradually over more than 20 years in clinical practice in response to a sense that something important was missing in our approach to helping children and families. Then it became clear the issues involved all relationships.

The I Matter Learning Journey is designed as a training programme that can help professionals and non-professionals develop a shared language across home, school and community.  The language of the I Matter Framework helps to bring a huge well-evidenced research literature together into a practical cohesive approach to inform some urgently needed shifts in our decision making and approach.


This approach rebuilds the hope and confidence of professionals and parents by providing a language and concepts that we can all work together with that ties elements together. It just makes complete sense

Dr Amy Lee: GP Safeguarding Lead - Kendal Integrated Care Community

 Training in the I Matter Framework helps adults and young people work together to help themselves and others in their own homes. schools and communities.   Here are some of the schools and organisations that have been working with us to build capacity to help parents

Our Mission is Healthier and Happier Homes, Schools, and Communities:  One Important Relationship at a Time