I Matter Licensed Heads, Directors, Commissioners or Senior Link Role

Helping Parents and Professionals on an I Matter Journey in Your Setting


Would you like to play a part in supporting Adult-Child relationship health in your own school, service or community?

As an I Matter Head, Director, Commission or Senior Lead Professiona your role is in making sure that I Matter and Relationship Health principles come to be embedded in the Every Day Aspects of Practice.  

The truth is that when training that has implications for the care of children who are anxious or challenging or presenting with complex needs gets left with your least powerful staff then you put them in a very difficult position.    

What happens is that they become more conscious - but also more conscious of how much the system that they are expected to work in is not meeting the needs of the children they are being asked to support - at quite a fundamental level.   

Front line staff really need to feel supported by leadership teams who GET IT.  Not just superficially but at a deep level -they need leadership from people who are ready to wrestle with how to improve practices.    So on the basis of a lot of experience we are now cautious about who we work with when it comes to organisations.   We want to know that there are people in Senior Leadership positions who understand that I Matter has implications for their own way of doing things.  

The Heads, Directors and Commissioners Certification is therefore about supporting you with an implementation project.    If that sounds interesting then please Contact Us

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