I Matter for Global Citizenship and Social Change

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I Matter for Global Citizenship and Social Change

That sounds a wee bit big.....

However since observing the courage of Greta Gunberg, none of us can pretend there isn't a need to think globally as well as locally about the challenges we are facing.

If we think globally and locally about what the evidence on children's wellbeing and mental health is really saying we find that relationship health and development are key.. and that EVERYONE has a key role to play.    The research evidence IS very helpful and VERY clear about the directions we need to take.

It sets out that we have some quite specific choices about what we want to focus on... choices that need some thinking about....

So, an I Matter Framework Citizenship Workshop can support those thinking about wellbeing on a planetary scale and about the social changes needed by offering a really clear and practical theoretical foundation that can support activists in finding the way forward whilst staying healthy and effective themselves

I) Thinking about your role and about what stress looks like in yourself and in others and in communities

ii) Building confidence in the ability to work with systems under pressure and with vulnerable children and adults and with trauma and challenging behaviour 

iii) Creating foundations for more effective work with all elements of a community 

iv) Developing new competencies in your existing team members and more joined up thinking

v) Drawing disparate initiatives into a consistent reasoned approach

Many of the professionals who have  taken part in I Matter Training have seen the implications for social change activism and we are keen to do more of supporting this type of thinking.   We observe that it helps participants to start thinking differently about a range of interconnected needs and initiatives.

If you would like to learn more about hosting an event to support your group's thinking why not contact us to let us know you are interested or book yourself in for an initial call