Would you like to apply for a free call?

Relationship Health Practice informed by the I Matter Framework has a wide reach.  


The I Matter Framework offers a map that can help you find the way forward in challenging roles and times

PLEASE NOTE:    Letting you into a secret - these calls will be offered according to a quite specific not a random plan!   We have a carefully designed grid and right now it has quite a few spaces on it that we are keen to fill!  The main detail is that I have a space for 3 calls each week!

If we are not sure if we can help or we have more demand than we can manage, we may offer you a short 15 minute call for starters!  
We also currently offer calls as a priority to those located in the Kendal area

Relationship Health is an overlooked idea that helps professionals and parents-carers work together to help young people in their own communities