Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions:   

What is the I Matter Core Programme? 
The Core Programme is a 12 week intensive introduction to the I Matter Framework  This is a practical explanation of what the research evidence is telling us is needed to help children and adults thrive, particularly when there have been additional needs or challenges.  So that we can offer effective support to members of our community we run each of the 12 week core programmes on a rolling start basis

The Core Relationship Health Programmme is for Professionals and for Parents-Carers with Approved Leads 
The Preparation for Relationship Health is for thinking ahead to a future role
The Strengthening Relationship Health is for mild-moderate concerns 
The Restoring Relationship Health Programme and I Matter Clinic is for escalated and complex concerns
The I Matter membership and I Matter Wheel is our extended support programme

When do the programmes run?  
Professional Programme (starts mid Autumn, mid-spring, mid summer). 
Parents-Carers Programmes (start early Autumn, early Spring, early summer).   
I Matter Clinics run on a rolling programme, most months.
The I Matter Membership has a monthly programme 
The I Matter Wheel has a weekly programme 

The optional extra study support group sessions start each half term. 

What's Involved in the Core Programme?
The Core Programme includes weekly online content and a fortnightly group Q&A on a Tuesday evening.  I which explores applications of the I MatterFramework.
Professional Prioritising Relationship Health programme: 8.30pm Week 1 and 3
Parent-Carer Strengthening Relationship Health programme:  8.30pm Week 2 and 4
Step 5 programme is Tuesdays at 5.30pm

Participants can progress through the content at their own pace.   The account is open for 4 months from the initial registration for Step 1-2 or for 12 months for Steps 1-5

What is the I Matter Clinic?    Parents-Carers of a child with additional needs or challenges who have the support of an I Matter Approved Professional  can apply to the I Matter Clinic for an assessment and recommendations and initial training process which includes as an outcome a Priorities Plan.   Professionals in direct care roles with a child with additional needs can also join the clinics to gain support with setting up a Priorities Plan
The I Matter Direct Clinic Training takes place at 12.00 on a Tuesday for 4 weeks
The I Matter Restricted Clinic Training takes place at 9.00am on a Wednesday for 4 weeks

Additional Support Options:  Small Closed Group Study Support: Professionals or parents-carers who have taken part in a clinic and want additional support can supplment their core programme with a 12 week closed study support small group which is started immediately or at a later date.

Professional programme: 3.30pm and 5.30 on a Wednesday
Parent-Carer programme: 2.00pm and 3.30pm Tuesdays
Parent-Carer I Matter Clinic 12.00pm Tuesdays
Parent-Carer restricted programme:  10.00am and 11.30am Wednesdays

Membership:   Once you have completed Step 1 and 2 of the Core Programme you are eligible for membership which offers access to the Community Forum and to a monthly Q&A (professionals Thursday week 2 and Parents Tuesday week 2) .  Once you have completed Step 1-4 you can also become a member of the I Matter Wheel which includes the Step 5 content.  

Personal Coaching Support:  Some study support packages include an element of personal coaching.  In the first instance this is intended to support completion of the online study and it will then support the theory to practice of implementation of the key principles and priorities.  It is an expectation that the online work is progressed steadily for personal coaching to be provided. 

We will allocate you to a study support series group based on which of the the current Five Priorities that you are working on with your focus child to support either the Restoring of or the Strengthening of Relationship Health as indicated by your initial registration information and via the I Matter Clinic process.

Course Resources:  On registering for the I Matter Core Programme you will be sent an initial introductory overview by post.  On completion of Step 1-2 then we send you a copy of the I Matter A4 Course notes for your own personal use only which includes reference content for the Core Programme and Extended Programme.   If you decide to progress to the I Matter Extended Journey, you will also be able to access the |I Matter Checklists, a powerful set of resources for identifying needs and monitoring progress.  Our distinctive A3 posters are reserved for the use of Certified Lead Professionals and Advanced Practitioners.

How to register interest?  If you are a professional or if you are a parent-carer with support of an approved I Matter Professional you can register your interest in joining one of the programmes at any time.