For the Workplace

Are you interested in reducing overwhelm in the workplace to support your employee’s health and wellbeing? Our core training has a wide range of benefits for everyday workplace challenges.   We offer talks and training aimed at staff teams, senior leaders and teachers on all aspects of relationship health. Whether it’s basic knowledge you require or something specific relating specific questions, we can deliver online webinars, bespoke packages or our Relationship Health Senior Leads Orientation training.   When relationships are healthy at work, absenteeism reduces and satisfaction increases

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Poor relationship health at work is associated with low job satisfaction, high workplace stress and absenteeism.  Poor relationship health at home can impact actively on wellbeing and confidence at work.  

There are many different factors which can affect relationship health at work which you can read about belo

Course Feedback

Many of the professional and non-professionals participants to the I Matter Relationship Health Courses have fed back to us that the insights that they have gained through their I Matter Training have had some unexpected benefits in other aspects of their professional and personal roles.    Participants refer to the confidence that comes from being able to step back and observe what is happening in challenging situation, including the confidence in how to use their own role for immediate effective impact.

To find out if there are opportunities for supported relationship health services in your area please contact us