Training Options for Professionals


The principles set out in the I Matter Framework have wide applicability....
Learning the theory in the Level 1 course is only the first step.
The important I Matter challenge is putting the principles into practice
This looks slightly different in varied roles in health, education and social care
But the underlying principles are the same - we start with You.

An understanding of the I Matter Framework can help you in all relationships
The course is currently written based on thinking about a focus child, 
the principles are relevant for home and work and for adult-child and adult-adult relationships

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The Online Fundamentals and Level 1 course is the foundation.

Level 1 Learn I Matter
Level 2 - Living I Matter
Level 3 -  Extended Journey - Living I Matter 

Level 4 - Supporting others on an I Matter Journey
Level 5 - Implementing the relationship health skills curriculum
Level 6 - Advanced Practice - Licensed Tracker user.

Professionals can apply to progress to practitioner training after Level 1.  CLICK HERE TO EXPRESS INTEREST
Training details are impacted by levels of experience and current roles
It can be supplemented with extras including a 2 day (4 session) course or
additional small group study support.    Professionals can apply to the Link role after supported Level 1.
They can apply to progress to practitioner training.  CLICK HERE TO EXPRESS INTEREST

NOTICE: The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is an educational and coaching approach.  Implementation of the principles is affected by many factors so every person's learning journey is unique.   We encourage professional participants to study and commit to helping their own adult-child and adult-adult relationships become happier and healthier before focussing on work with others.  There is always more to learn.