About eIMatter and the I Matter App  

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

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The early stages of an I Matter Learning Journey can be delivered by taught face to face workshops.  

Organisations with Lead Educators or Clinical Leads can be licensed to offer the First Course workshops or the Fundamentals course for inhouse parents and carers and young people.  However we see this as being primarily about initial engagement and relationship building step.  Attendance certificates can be provided at this awareness and first course level

An I Matter Online Learning Journey generally involves a commitment to a medium- longer term learning process and for this registration for an online account is a key part of the learning process as the account offers the user an opportunity to make time for personal reflection and study that can be complemented by study support discussion opportunities.  Completion Certificates can be provided for those completing the online course of study.

Registration for the online account includes registration on the I Matter Q Tracker which provides a tool for supportive conversations between the Lead Practitioner and the participant about the progress on the programme but also on their personal I Matter Challenge.

The Online I Matter App means that the learning programme can be accessed via a smart phone or lap top increasing accessibility. and flexibility.