I Matter Training for EHCP, ASF, CLA 


I Matter Training to complement EHCP, ASF and CLA Plans

One of the most important things to be achieved when helping a child who is struggling or challenging is to build a Team approach - between home and school and community - one that is working on a shared approach with a longer term view and some clear means of progress monitoring and clear skills building in child AND in adults.

Yet even when expensive care packages are offered, this is often not happening and getting the obvious to happen is often very difficult to achieve due to the way that funding streams are managed. For example: 

+ EHCP Plans (Education Health Care Plans) are focused on helping the child in school - even though what is happening at home is critically important
+ ASF (Adoption Support Plans) are focused on offering therapy for the child and typically don't offer support for school or directly for the parent-child relationship - even though joining up the dots is vitally important
+ CLA (Children Looked After Plans) are focused on the child but often with very little training offered to the network of adults around the child and very little focus on supporting social emotional development.
+ CAMHS AND PAEDIATRIC services are typically focused on diagnosis and delivering medication or therapy solely for the child with parents as providers of transport to sessions with very little specialist skills building for parents-carers

YET with vulnerable children, decades of research is very clear : the most important thing to be supported for a child's longer term wellbeing is the stability and the health of the home based adult-child relationship including support for the child's social emotional development through ensuring an informed adult team

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The point is that there is something not working about the way that we currently go about supporting children who are struggling or challenging.

We are missing some very very key details

Without attention to these details best outcomes are difficult to achieve - and sometimes interventions may be escalating the challenges through communicating some unfortunate messages.

The I Matter Framework emerged in good part due to the challenges seen in trying to provide children with the right support at the right time through ensuring that adults had access to the right training supported by professionals that were appropriately informed and deployed.

I Matter Training provides a training that is accessible to professionals and to parents and one that provides clear bench marking tools for ensuring that progress is happening on the most important details.

The scale of the issues seen in this area of practice are really very enormous so with I Matter Training we do not offer any quick fixes or promises
What the I Matter Framework does is clearly signal what we describe as the direction of travel

What we want to do is to work with professionals and parents who know that change is needed and want to see something new happening.

Lets see what happens if we look at what the research evidence on children's wellbeing is REALLY saying!