Parent-Carer Training Path Options 

Become I Matter Informed - to help your child and yourself 

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Helping your children and yourself have healthy relationships no longer needs to be something where you just hope for the best.  Research is converging on some very clear conclusions and now you can discover the step by step guidance offered by our I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey Courses. 

Here at the I Matter Project we like to replace confusion and overwhelm with the relief and relaxation that comes from know that you are on a path that can get you to where you want to go in terms of healthy relationships for your children and wider family members.    You can even have fun doing it as with the carefully stepped process and the I Matter Wheel Awards, It really is possible to enjoy finding a confident way forward.

Which Pathway?   
Mild-Moderate Concerns, General Interest, Preparation for Role - Register for Core Online Step 1-2 Programme
Escalated or Complex Concerns  or Interest in Supported Learning - Contact us via a member for an Initial Assessment & Recovery Programme

To read about the programme details  click here.    Click here to see feedback from other parents-carersClick here for I Matter Awards

The following can complement a core journey the I Matter Intensive  and I Matter for Young People and I Matter Wheel Awards