Initial Guidance 


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Relationship Health Initial Guidance Services

People come to the I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey from a wide variety of starting points in professional and personal-parent-carer-young person roles.

An initial assessment and consultation step offers some space to take stock and think about your current situation and about your current priorities, with the help of a tried and tested process and an experienced practitioner.

Everyone works through a stepped initial process 
+ Step 1: Complete an initial expression of interest 
+ Step 2: Decision on whether to progress, with agreement on payment options.
+ Step 3: If we can offer service then payment details will be sent
+ Step 4  further questionnaires to complete
+ Step 5: The consultation will review the content of Step 3 and make recommendations of options for next steps

Next Steps
The intended outcome of the initial process is to guide decision making about current neeeds and options
The initial process and recommendation will determine if the I Matter programme is suitable.  It can sometimes determine that the programme is only suitable with additional preparation or support.   
All participants are asked to complete this step with at least one consultation before progressing to a class.
These steps help us to ensure that there is a fit between participants needs and the programme and services that we have available.
It can also help identify other possible options that may be available

As guidelines
+ Professionals must be linked with others in a community hub - or be interested in starting a new hub listed on our directory more information   
+ Parents and carers must be linked to a member school who knows their focus child and has a certified I Matter Link
+ Parents and carers experiencing escalated challenges must have support of I Matter informed school and funding agreement.
+ Young people must be linked to a member school or service with a commitment to strong relationships with parents-carers as well as the child
+ All participants must be able to identify local I Matter informed support who will be available to discuss any issues arising from participation

Extended I Matter Relationship Health Assessments and Recommendations

In an I Matter informed extended assessment a relationship health practitioner will work with you and your child or other over time to help you develop a psychological formulation based on more in-depth understanding of the I Matter Framework and of I Matter Relationship Health principles.  This means we aim to help you make sense of:

  • What is happening right now
  • When the difficulties started
  • What factors may have contributed to the difficulties
  • What is keeping the difficulties going
  • What strengths and resources are present
  • What skills need practising in order to see progress

We encourage you to continue to commit to learning the steps needed to bring about healthier happier relationships and confidence.   Professionals, Parents and young people tell us that this way of seeing things feels supportive, empowering, refreshing and hopeful.

Our core focus on is helping adults and young people develop new insights and skills.
tinypeople-trans (1)We strongly recommend early intervention - it is better not to wait until difficulties are really escalated -  but we know that when adults and young people have readiness to learn new skills then positive change can happen - if there is willingness to stick with the process

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Professionals and Parents-Carers come to us with desire to help themselves,  young people  and other adults with a range of common difficulties: 

  • Anxiety difficulties, 
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Separation anxiety
  • School avoidance

  • Low mood
  • Reactions to Loss and bereavement
  • Reactions to trauma
  • Panic and phobias

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  • Couple conflicts
  • Conflicts with parents
  • Sibling conflicts
  • Communication challenges
  • Managing Physical health challenges
  • Social emotional learning difficulties
  • Behavioural challenges and impulsivity
  • Adult-Adult Relationship challenges
  • Team Relationship Challenges

    The good news is that it is never too late for positive changes! 

How do I enquire about an initial assessment and consultation?

If you are a professional or a parent-carer linked to a member organisation – you are welcome to get in touch with us to make a general enquiry

We only offer consultations to parents-carers who are registered for or planning to join the Level 1 online programme via linked to member organisations because a key part of our approach involves building a network of informed adults. For more information click here

There is a huge demand for our services, so during particularly busy times there may be a wait for a suitable appointment time to become available for you.  At present we are only able to work with families with a Kendal GP or at a school that is working with our network.   The initial focus of our work is with parents and carers.  We run a small NHS clinic with Kendal GP's.

What happens following an enquiry?

If we progress past an initial enquiry you will be invited to complete a an initial expression of interest.  This will help us understand a bit more about your current concerns and interests

Once we have reviewed the first information, if we think we may be able to offer a service, we will contact you to progress towards completing an  initial consultation.    This will include completing a more in-depth questionnaire and a consultation with you. This initial step only involves the adults.

After an appointment with adults to review the initial information a second appointment can be offered (if applicable) to which the child or young person can be invited.   You will be asked to pay for the assessment steps before the appointments.

Assessment Options

Initial or One off Assessment

We think through your registration information to
help you think about the way forward

Extended Assessment

In an extended assessment process we work
with you to help gather understanding together