Client Consent Process

GDPR Protocols etc

I Matter Training is delivered and supported by use of a number of interlocking online tools

This is an innovation project which has searched for tools that are able to support our mission to deliver effective and impactful training and coaching to professionals and parents of children who are struggling or challenging.

We have not been able to find one perfect system.

Therefore our services are delivered through a number of different online packages that provide different features.

Our initial client intake process includes a consent process that covers the use of these linked tools

The legal grounds on which we process any of your data is that of consent, based on an opt in process.

We work hard to protect information but advise that if you are concerned about online recording or data security you should not use our services.    If you choose to continue you accept that in the use of online recording data security cannot be fully guaranteed.    


To take part in an I Matter Training or Consultation the first step is to contact us via our help desk 

You can also sign up for our free Why I Matter download 

If you wish to receive emails from us then you will need to sign up to our core Terms and Conditions

If you decide to progress to a course or a consultation we will send you an email inviting you to complete an initial online questionnaire.   We use this to help us track needs and followup on progress over time.

After that we will send you appointment information from our system 

If you decide to take part in any I Matter group learning you will be invited to use a forum in simplero.com or groupcoachinggenie.com 

If you have any questions about these consent processes please email us to find out more.

Cathy Betoin