I Matter Framework Training in Communities

How do we help people to want to look after their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their own children?

How can we help organisations with different structures and priorities collaborate more effectively?

Children thrive when

+ adult-child relationships are healthy,

+ children's developmental needs are met and

+ communities are working well together.

What this means is that to address the wellbeing of struggling children adults often have to learn news skills

I Matter Training aims to help communities to help stressed, challenging or complex children and their families

We do this by supporting important conversations and by helping healthy collaborative relationships to grow

The I Matter Framework brings research evidence together into a practical whole and it is very interesting!

When people study together, new possibilities emerge!

With new knowledge and a bit of teamwork, we know it's never too late to make a difference!

Our first Community Hub has grown out of a collaboration with Kendal Integated Care Community which has brought together partners from a range of agenices to think about the needs of the local community,   Kendal ICC chose to focus on children and families as one of the local priorities and they adopted I Matter as a framework to support that process.  Our local network is growing.  Now we are starting discussions with other communities.

Kendal Community Hub

I Matter Quality Marks

The I Matter Community Wheel

Impact on Communities

Our first Community Wheel license has been awarded to Kendal ICC

Our Commmunity Wellbeing Wheel can now be used as part of approved local events.

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It's quite simple really - we offer resources and encourage people to take time to think and learn about what is happening around them..

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

Get Started: Learn why healthy adult-child relationships and healthy communities matter for mental health, positive behaviour and healthy child development at home and in school. Then.. Take Stock and Go for Results.


If I had understood these ideas earlier

I could have been a lot more effective

Family Support Worker



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