Via this site, www.imattertraining.com.  I Matter Training Ltd provides training in the I Matter Framework.   We do not provide clinical services.  Our focus is on preparation, prevention and early intervention.   

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What this means is that the online training is suitable if you want to feel well equipped for moving forward with a relationship health approach in a professional or a personal role, through gaining a solid language for talking things through and problem solving with others - whether adults and young people.

We work with Relationship Health Matters CIC and with partners such as schools and clinics to develop services that support a relationship health approach in specific localities, by equipping professional teams and their clients with a shared language that supports better work together.  Our assessment and coaching services are provided only in association with locally certified organisations and professionals.   At present these are only in the Kendal area - but we are working on it!   

Commissioned I Matter services are provided via the RHMatters CIC and sister site www.imatterlearning.com


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Consultations and Coaching
Relationship Health and Neurodiversity


Relationship Health and Neurodiversity Consultations

If you are wondering about a challenging relationship and about whether there may be some underlying neurodiversity involved, then one key detail that should not be overlooked (yet it is often overlooked) is the issue of relationship health.

The symptoms of a relationship health difficulty and the symptoms of neurodiversity can overlap. The reason it is important to tease them out is that generally speaking as parents-carers or professionals, we can help progress the skills for relationship health fastest when we take a planned approach. This emphasis then allows us to see more clearly the nature of any of the underlying processing difficulties. 

We partner with licensed organisations to offer consultations, currently only in the Kendal area.    MORE INFORMATION

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Small Group Coaching
Varied Focus

Living I Matter Closed Groups

If you are someone who likes to learn with the support of a group you may be interested in joining a small closed group in order to benefit from supported discussion

Groups are all facilitated by a trained facilitator or coach.  
Each group will have a specified area of specialist focus interest and a focus level of study.

Groups generally run on zoom and last between 8-12 sessions.  Some start with a one day intensive.

We partner with licensed organisations to offer discussion groups and consultations    MORE INFORMATION

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Coaching plans
Varied Focus

Living I Matter Monthly Coaching Plans

There are options to work with a certified practitioner for a series or over a period of a few months. Additional coaching can help support you with implementing your learning journey.

A monthly coaching plan will usually be agreed over 6 or 12 months
a 1:1 each month
what's app communication
up to 2 laser coaching each week

We partner with licensed organisations to offer coaching plans     MORE INFORMATION

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Schools and Charities


The I Matter in Organisations Programme 

If you are in an organisation who is wanting to take forward relationship health practice you may be interested in the organisation development programme.  We aim to equip senior leadership teams for the ability to host local I Matter study support and coaching
+ Preparation for Relationship Health 
+ Strengthening Relationship Health
+ Recovery of Relationship Health
+ Relationship Health for Personal Wellbeing


Work with an I Matter Certified Relationship Health Facilitator or Coach

Getting support from a Certified Facilitator or coach is like having a ‘personal trainer’ for your home or work roles. They’ll get to know you, help you develop your understanding of key I Matter and key ‘exercises’ and keep you accountable as you move your confidence and everyday skills to a stronger places

All of our coaches have been trained and certified by RH Matters, so if you’re someone who is passionate about investing in your own skills and are looking for personalised or 1:1 support – click through and find the right coach for you    LEARN MORE - COMING SOON

If you have a recommendation from an approved link and/or have completed the I Matter Fundamentals you can also apply for a clarity call


About Dr Cathy Betoin:  Cathy is a practising clinical psychologist, an experienced teacher, and a parent.  This training developed in response to personal questioning and to seeing many individuals, families and professionals, who were struggling to know how to move forward.  The training started with families of children with complex needs - then we realised it was relevant to all children, to all relationships and to care at all ages.