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All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

The I Matter Relationship Health Lead Practitioners License

Help Others Progress an I Matter Learning Journey

If you:

  • Are in a place of transition in your work/life
  • Want to offer something extra-special to your clients
  • Like work with a difference, that MAKES a difference AND can bring an income

AND you love helping both adults and young people

then our I Matter Licensed Lead Practitioner Training will be for you!

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Does the Term Relationship Health get you thinking?

If you:

  • love the idea of helping children and adults be more at ease talking about relationships
  • like being with those who may be struggling to find the way forward
  • are moved to facilitate the transformation of others' attitudes to themselves and others
  • maybe had your own experience of relationship struggles and personal growth
  • love supporting someone grow through learning new things

AND you want to increase your ability, your credibility, and your confidence in this area, (not to mention standing out from others) then read on...

You might have worked with children and families with challenges in an education, or a community or health care role or maybe you have had a child where there have been some relationship challenges and you have realized that there is perhaps more to learn than you thought

Or may be you’ve had experiences of relationships which were warm and supportive and helpful and you have  understood what a huge blessing that is.

Maybe you just feel comfortable with the issue of relationships and relationship challenges and want to help others  feel more at ease too.

Whatever your own circumstances, one thing you do realize is that with the onset of coronavirus, and an more and more pressure on communities  more and more people are having to admit to something they may not have thought much about before – that their own relationship skills make a difference

Would you like to play your part in making talking about relationship health as easy and effortless as possible?

If you do, then join us in the I Matter Relationship Health vision of the future...

To have Relationship Health talked about as naturally as physical health and mental health!

Can you imagine that?

It would mean that general conversations would include the word 'relationship health' as something of importance; that relationship health and the skills involved would no longer be an overlooked topic; and that we would all be more prepared for the times when challenges arrive.


The I Matter Relationship Health Lead Professional training in supporting others on a relationship health journey is part of that vision.  If this idea lights your fire, you want to make a contribution in this way to the world,  and have yourself, your family and others benefit from having healthier and happier relationships as an everyday aspiration, then welcome, you are in the right place!

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Who am I?


Hi!   My name is Dr Cathy Betoin.  I am founder of The I Matter Framework and Learning Journey and of Relationship Health Matters.

After many years of training as a teacher and then as a clinical psychologist, there was an uncomfortable moment when I became a parent

There was an uneasy but growing sense that what I had learned hadn't equipped me very adequately for the role I was in

I had been a professional working with children and families for over 25 years.  I loved my roles and found the training that I had taken part in to be stimulating with a lot to think about. The difficulty I had was that there were so many interesting ideas that I couldn't figure out how they fitted together nor what I should really focus on as each practice model emphasised different things.  I had even published a couple of articles where I had tried to grapple with these questions. 

The underlying confusion became more urgent when I became a parent and when my own relationships started to hit challenges and when the everyday waiting lists became longer and longer.   I realised that what I had learned wasn't working for me - neither professionally or personally

The result of a period of feeling overwhelmed by the gap between what I thought I should understand and what I actually did understand was an intense process of trying to figure out how to piece a large jigsaw puzzle together, comprising the research on child and adult mental health - without knowing what the picture on the box actually was.

I had a conviction that the pieces of disparate research evidence could be pieced together in a more useful way and, happily, over a period of years slowly the pieces did start coming together

Once they did come together however the result was quite shocking.

What the process showed me that was that though as professionals we were liberally using the term 'evidence based practice', what we were delivering for children and families, did not adequately reflect that evidence.

My literature search had evidenced that decades of research had confirmed two key details that we were missing in professional practice:

+ That the wellbeing of children and adults depends critically on the health of relationships at home as well as at school and in community
+ That children's brains are immature at birth so that relationship skills develop in the context of relationships.

These are two incredibly important conclusions

However when we take a look at the way we deliver education, health and social care services, they are not the central priority.

I struggled for several years with how to communicate the conclusions of the research. 

Eventually I developed something called the I Matter Framework based on a series of concepts supported by visual tools

I found this I Matter way of thinking to bring something so practical that had been missing that it felt important to try to share it more widely

So then I developed the I Matter Learning Journey to teach these concepts.

Then after another period of struggle, I found a community of practitioners in education and health roles in my own community of Kendal who helped me take forward the concerns.

One day, when thinking about a book, I did a quick google search for Relationship Health.

I found not one single book with that term.


...Not one single book called Relationship Health - no wonder this work with children had felt so uphill for so long.....

So now there is a book with that name (... as I wrote it! :)).

Now there is also this website holding the learning journey.   

Now there is even an online directory to support this new discipline of Relationship Health Practitioner

Now we are moving into a new phase. 

Yet what a challenging and unsettled period this has been:
+ The COVID Pandemic
+ The realities of climate change
+ Growing social inequalities and income pressures
+ Now the horrors of the war in Ukraine and the global impacts


Here is a question:   In the context of the above, is Relationship Health a side issue, or is it of central importance to the way forward?

I have come down in favour of its central importance, so I hope that this discussion will have got you thinking! 

Over and over again, I have seen in personal and professional roles how hugely important this relationship health issue is in turning difficult situations around. 

Therefore, if you are interested, I want to invite you to join with us to help others to understand this issue too!

As a successful, licensed I Matter Lead Educator or Clinical Practitioner you will:

  • Be able to work with people individually, and in small groups/families, both on and offline
  • Have completed your own Five Steps Learning Journey, and will be making progress with your own I Matter Challenge
  • Upon successful certification and licensing, be authorised to use the I Matter® materials
  • Have increased confidence in talking about relationships with all kinds of people, whether family/friends, colleagues or strangers
  • Receive ongoing support, resources and training after graduation
  • Receive a copy of the I Matter Coaching Course Notesa copy of Cathy's book  Relationship Health:  The Missing Link in Children's Wellbeing and a copy of our I Matter Poster Set
  • Have access to significant discounts on the I Matter Learning Journey online course so you can take your own clients through
  • I Matter Certified Educators will also have the option to have licensed use of the I Matter Relationship Health Curriculum Tool
  • I Matter Certified Clinical Leads will also have the option to have licensed use of the I Matter Q Assessment Tool


CONTENT OF Licensed Lead Professional Programme

Part 1: The Personal - Your Own Five Steps I Matter Learning Journey and I Matter Challenge

Part 1 of this programme is you completing your own learning Journey.  This course is the one which your clients will get access to through you.


Here's what is covered:


Step 1:  Acknowledge the Fog
Step 2: Become Informed
Step 3: Take Stock
Step 4: Build Routines
Step 5: Fine Tuning 
The Wheel
The Extended Journey

This tried and tested I Matter Learning Journey ® has been developed over the last 10 years, working with individuals both on and offline to enable them to improve their relationship health confidence.  You can find the full contents here.  It is this course you will be taught to facilitate.


All modules are accessed through a dedicated learning platform, with a mix of reading matter, video/audio lessons and thought-provoking questions to inspire you.

All modules are available from the start, so you can attend to what you personally need to do asap;  the live coaching calls then help you consolidate, get questions answered, and provide you with an opportunity for accountability - making sure you do what you say you are going to do!

Even if you have completed a lot of training we ask everyone to start at Part 1 Step 1.  We also ask you to identify a personal focus issue to work on.   This is because working through the learning journey is the way that you will build confidence in using the concepts

If you have already been progressing your own I Matter Learning Journey before applying for Certification as a Lead Professional we MAY be able to make an adjustment to the fees.   

Part 2: Getting Practical - Deepening and Extending 


Part 2 includes two days with Cathy to lead you through the modules needed to apply Relationship Health Principles to Everyday and Complex Situations In these live classes, we cover:

The Wheel: Everyday applications of Relationship Health 

Extended Journey: Foundation:  Revisit confusion to clarity with additional tools

Extended Journey: Intermediate:  Thinking Developmentally - learn how to observe skills in detail

Extended Journey: Advanced Applications – how to apply relationship health thinking to complex scenarios

Including homework, this all leads to you having the foundations in place to move on to Part Three, where you are taught to apply what you have learnt so far in an easily structured and enjoyable way, to offer as a licensed facilitator of the I Matter Framework Learning Journey

Part 3: Building Networks - The Link Role 


Part 3 includes online content and a workshop with Cathy to lead you through the modules needed to take on the LInk Practitioner Role

A Link Practitioner is someone who has completed a Five Steps Learning Journey and can therefore engage in discussions about it and its suitability from an Informed Practice Place

Part 4: The Practicing - Becoming a Licensed Lead Educator


Here, we apply all that has been learnt in a way that best meets the needs of your community, be it virtually or in person (even if socially distant).

This takes place with Cathy, online, over 2 days as before.

  • How to work with groups, online and offline, so you feel confident in running successful events.
  • A proven in-person group format that works to engage, inspire and result in your participants taking action.
  • The I Matter First Course or Fundamentals® group outline so you can feel reassured your clients are learning what they need to know.
  • How to access the I Matter online First Course prevention course at a discounted fee for your clients benefit and positive extra to your own offering.
  • Action-taking skills,  so you and your clients can be sure the 'doing' will happen.

BONUS 1:  Working Systematically. This module is for those particularly interested in building relationship health into your organisation practice

BONUS 2:  The Relationship Health Skills Curriculum: .a personally licensed copy of this very practical tool

Part 5: The Practicing - Becoming a Licensed I Matter Clinical Practitioner


Here, we build on the educator role and add in some details that distinguish clinical practice in a mannerof all that has been learnt in a way that best meets the needs of your community, be it virtually or in person (even if socially distant).

This takes place with Cathy, online, over 2 days as before.

  • How to work with your local community to set up pathways
  • How to use the assessment and progress tracking tools
  • How to work with complex cases, online and offline, so you feel confident in running effective support process.
  • How to integrate a Fundamentals Course into your practice in a manner that engages, inspire and result in your participants taking action.
  • The I Matter Learning Journey® 1:1 coaching outline so you can feel reassured they are learning what they need to know.
  • How to access the I Matter online Five Steps course with a discount code, for your clients benefit and a great plus to your own offering.
  • Action-taking skills to offer supportive  coaching,  so you and your clients can be sure the 'doing' will happen.

BONUS 1:   Case Formulation. This module is for those particularly interested in helping participants understand how difficulties have arisen

BONUS 2:   Case Examples.   This module offers some illustrated examples of clinical practice 

Part 6: The Promoting - Marketing Your Relationship Health Services


Here we give you an introduction to how to really get yourself noticed, resulting in a steady stream of interested people.

We cover:

  • How to identify your ideal clients, so they can easily recognise themselves and be attracted to your work
  • How to write/say what your prospective clients really want to hear, so they say yes to you really easily
  • Pricing and money mindset – how to price your work and leave with the tweaks needed so that this drops away as an issue for you

Part 7: Certification - Submitting Your Practice Log Book


Here you submit evidence of your learning 

You must submit:

  • A description of the number of hours dedicated to implementing relationship health practice and the nature of your client work
  • Two case studies that illustrate aspects of practice
  • A discussion of your own professional learning 

After all parts are completed, and all graduation requirements fulfilled, you will be ready to receive your licence.

This means you will be authorised to:
- practice as an I Matter® Lead Educator or Clinical Practitioner 
- use the documentation as permitted in the training
- have your bio and photo on our Lead Professionals page on this website and on our Directory

As a licensed Lead Professional you become part of the I Matter community of Relationship Health Practitioners This means you:

  • have monthly mentoring meetings to support you in developing your work
  • access further specific training, tailored to your needs at the time
  • are provided with up to date resources, all designed to help you bring this valuable work to the world

and lots more too!


We use a mixture of partner exercises, study buddy get-togethers, presentations, discussion, videos, and role plays to help you become confident, clear and have the courage to bring this work to those you want to benefit.


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What you pay:  

The financial investment to become a licensed, accredited I Matter Lead Educator or Clinical Practitioner can be thought of as 3 Key Parts
+ Part 1-2  The Five Steps with study support:    £1200       Join the Informed Practice Network                                    
+ Part 3-7  Training, Trainee Practice and Certification and £1200    Join the Certified Practitioners Network
Or a dual fee for the whole programme of £2000  (approx US$2900)

Alternatively we can accept a fee payable over 5 months at £425 per month (approx US$570), with the first payment securing your place on the training.

When the course is delivered in parts this is a significant discount on the step by step costs.

Thereafter you belong to the I Matter Lead Educator or Clinical Practitioner Community, for which there is an ongoing fee of £50 per month (approx US$75) to include your licence, the monthly support calls, further learning opportunities, and discounted client access to courses, plus up dated resources!

If you decide you wish to be part of the Informed Practice Network then the ongoing fee to be listed on the directory is £19.00 pcm.   

Outside of this, you should allow time for background reading, and other homework.

Depending on how much of your own I Matter Learning Journey you have already completed at the start of the training, how much reading you do, and whether or not you want to watch the bonus modules, you can expect to spend between 1 - 3 hours per week on each of these modules, outside of the actual training.

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