Workplace Wellbeing - Principles of Relationship Health


I Matter Training offers key foundations needed for confidence in any relationship.
The principles set out in the I Matter Framework have wide applicability....
For all work relationships as well as for home relationships
So, learning the theory is only the first step.
The important I Matter challenge then involves building your skills to put the principles into practice, so as to bring about healthier and happier relationships
This involves a life long journey.  However it is super interesting, enriching and very practical!

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The Fundamentals and/or Level 1 course is the foundation.
This can be supplemented with extras

Level 1 Learn I Matter - focus adult wellbeing and workplace
Level 2 - Living I Matter - focus caring and parenting
Level 3 -  Extended Journey - Living I Matter - complex needs

NOTICE: The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is an educational and coaching approach.  Implementation of the principles is affected by many factors so every person's learning journey is unique.   We encourage participants to study and commit to helping their own adult-child and adult-adult relationships become happier and healthier.  There is always more to learn.