The I Matter Fundamentals Programmes


Are you a Professional who wants to introduce I Matter Ideas to others?

The I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals Programmes is a small group face to face programme offered by approved professionals
It offers clarity about the way forward in challenging relationships with children young people and adults.

 If you are someone who is concerned to help address children's mental health and wellbeing and gain confidence in addressing challenging behaviour then this will start you on a journey with key insights and skills for work and home relationships


I Matter Fundamentals Training helps professionals introduce key I Matter Principles to parents-carers and others in a wide variety of situations

Parents-Carers or Professionals in Direct Roles with Children & Young People

I Matter Fundamentals Training offers a way of  understanding what is happening in challenging situations with children and young people you care for who are struggling - at home or at work.

The training introduces a relationship health approach to child and adult mental health and wellbeing

The Fundamentals training is designed to be very accessible and low demand with opportunities to go on and learn more.  

Carers or Professionals in Indirect Roles with Children and Young People

The I Matter Model offers a new practical model for understanding what is happening in challenging everyday home and work situations. 

Participation in Fundamentals training will also help you understand what the programme offers those parents-carers and professionals in more direct roles

You will be able to help with creating the conditions for more sensitive and supportive care for young people and families through  developing your own insight and skills  


The I Matter Fundamentals Programmes offer an introductory level Face to Face learning option

The intention of the Fundamentals Programmes is to introduce key ideas in the I Matter Framework through small group face to face discussion.   The aim is to support more insight on how to see improved relationship health with a focus child and with other team members  

Learning method
s via local face to face small group workshops

How does it work?
The Fundamentals programmes are offered by I Matter approved facilitators
Fundamentals programmes can be offered through 1:1 or small group learning opportunities
 Participants choose a focus child

THEN  there is opportunity to learn some essential I Matter Ideas
THEN there are explorations of how to put Theory into Practice 

The Content of the Fundamentals Programmes are structured as follows
3 session programme
6 session programme
Option to join Relationship Health Matters and the Community Wheel
Completion of a Fundamentals Programme can go towards the I Matter Bronze Wheel Award

Those working on the Fundamentals who want an online account can register for I Matter Method 101 at a discount of £50pp
Those who want to learn more can sign up to take part in the Core Learning Journey

What will participants be able to do on completion of a Fundamentals Programme?

Participants will be becoming I Matter Informed to include. 
insight into the Relationship Health aspect of challenging situations
more clarity about what to focus on and why to help children
ability to informally discuss the I Matter Principles with others
ability to advocate more confidently for a the way forward for your child and for others 

You will also be able to:
Progress to completion of the Step 1 of the Core Journey
Consider whether an I Matter Clinic could be helpful to you

Capture-five steps