About  Facilitator and Coach Training Information Session  

Consider joining our facilitator and coach beta training programme and supporting progress towards our mission of making training and preparation for relationship health as common place as preparation for physical and mental health practice for home and work roles.

The I Matter Relationship Health Matters Facilitators and Coach Licence INFORMATION SESSION

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Help Adults and Young People Prepare Well For Relationship Health at home and at work

You love working with adults and young people and you know that having healthier and happier relationships is something that helps everyone - at all ages - that's just a fact. 

So, if you also:

  • Want to offer something extra-special to your clients
  • Are in a place of transition in your work/life
  • Like work with a difference, that MAKES a difference
  • Want another p/t income stream

then you'll be interested in our

I Matter Link Training (to get things started) or our

I Matter Relationship Health Licensed Facilitator or Coach Training Programme

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What is an I Matter Link?
What is the I Matter Relationship Health® Facilitator and Coach License?

Did you know that though there were huge concerns about children's mental health and wellbeing before the pandemic, since the pandemic  the level of concern has become ever more escalated.   Waiting lists for every service continue to increase so the likelihood of finding good support has become more and more difficult

In this situation, working out what you can do to help yourself and help children and other adults in your care, becomes more and more pressing.

This is where you, as an I Matter Relationship Health Licensed Facilitator or Coach come in!

We train and equip you to help others progress an I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey with a focus on building strong insight and skills, bringing peace of mind, reassurance and relief to those you are working with AND their families.

Your insight and skills can really make a difference!

So we provide the accredited intensive training, the tools, the systems, and the ongoing support so you can bring to the world this crucial work.

You probably already know the issues that arise as a result of poor relationship health between adults and between adults and young people, either because you've experienced it yourself, or witnessed it in someone close to you.   

Just think of the impact you can have, and the help you can bring to your own community, when you work with just one person to assist them in gaining better understanding and skills that can support stronger relationship health in their own life. 

The relief, reassurance and peace of mind you can bring to others as a result of our one-of-a-kind Facilitators and Coach Training Programme is huge.   Which brings enormous satisfaction and fulfilment to you, of course!
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What you’ll discover on the Info-Session:

  • An overview of the Link role and Accredited Training and Facilitators and Coach License (including how it works, the proven systems and more)
  • The characteristics needed to be a successful Facilitator and Coach (so you’ll know for sure if it’s for you)
  • Why Part 1 of the Programme is you progressing your own I Matter Learning Journey (and why that is so crucial before you help others)
  • The investment required and the next step (to join a growing movement and make a big contribution in the world)
  • how helping others in this way trickles down, making a dramatic impact and positively affecting your community, through impact on children and young people, adults, parents-carers, grandparents, and friends

Three Steps to Join Facilitator Training

Step 1
Watch the Info Session online

Step 2
Make an Enquiry

Step 3

Progress the Agreed Pathway