Licensing Levels

Lead Professionals and their employing institutions will be licensed at one of a number of differnt levels

i)  Level 3A Study support for Foundation A for inhouse parents of typical children  

ii) Level 3A Study Support for Foundation A for inhouse parents of more complex children - by joint decision

iii) Level 3A - access to online coaching for B courses for parents - by joint decision

iv) Level 4 - Use of I Matter tools in school or service

v)  Level 4 - Community Leadership Support for a Community Hub - by joint decision with an integrated care community

vi) Level 5 - Community Leadership for the oversight of our Co-ordinated Care Processes for more vulnerable children - by joint decision with an ICC

Your Lead Professional will have access to our Lead Professional Membership site which provides all the information needed to run an effective inhouse I Matter Every Day Foundation A Course programme.    

The core license for the Foundation A Course Program includes license to run:

+ Introductory 1 hr workshop sessions - using our recommended structure and resources

+ Support for registration and I Matter Q discussions

+ Getting Started 2 hr workshops

+ Study support for Foundation A - Part 1 - supported by course guidelines, posters and online accounts

+ Study support for Foundation A - Part 2 - supported by course guidelines, posters and online accounts

Our joint responsibilities are as follows:

We provide the reosurces and the online tools

We provide a named Community Link professional to support your inschool professional as they embed the thinking

You carefully select the right staff for the lead professionals roles and for their ability to take forward inhouse professional and parent education

You provide the oversight of the safe planning and delivery process including the safeguarding oversight which requires checks and balances

Your staff will usually provide some inhouse supported professional training first to bring other members of school into the thinking

We will agree the amount of additional support to assist with this staff training and intrdouction of I Matter and deveopmental thinking

Your staff will provide the initlal relationship building and study support process for families (usually starting off in your early years/lower school

You will usually run an element of universal I Matter Parent provision (via our I Matter Every Day programme and targetted support as appropriate

We will be in the background as a point of call to support your team Lead Professional as they develop their confidence

Some families can sometimes go on to access more supportive coaching via I Matter trained professionals working within the community hub

Some families can go onto join a local community support programme with a local subscription.

We work with you to help you build your own confidence in making these supported learning experiences as successful and impactful as possible

Our shared priorities are to work together to increase the health and confidence of the adult-child relationships in your community as the strongest contributor to adult-child mental health and to community wellbeing

We work together to find funds to make this education and supportuve process available to as many families as possible.


Profesionals are generally funded through inschool training budgets though we do have a bursary fund raising scheme for this purpose.   We like all parent participants to I Matter Courses to contriibute something smaller or larger towards their own training.  The course is a demanding one and it is important that parents are clearly taking part under their own volition.  Costs to parents can be offset by local funding sources including pupil premium or other entitlements or fund raising.

Quality Control

The ideas in I Matter are very simple but sustained delivery and implementation can be more complex.  

Between knowing what we should be doing and being able to do it there can be a big gulf so we see implentation as a slow process of skills building for all.

However the needs in our community for some new thinking are so transparently obvious that we are committed to the need to persevere with small steps.

As a company we have faced a constant tension between wanting to get these important ideas out to more people more quickly and the need to be very careful that those delivering I Matter study support and coaching are sufficiently competent and share our values and style of approach.

The key elements of our Quality Control Process for the delivery of supported learning to parents or professionals are as follows: 

+ I Matter offers a relationship based leadership process that starts with healthy relationships between colloaborating professionals via a Community Hub

+ For delivery of I Matter, we are on the look out for small locality based teams who have a track record of working well together across traditional boundaries 

+ As a minimum to run an I Matter Community Hub you need 1 supportive GP and practice, 1 supportive school and SLT and 1 experienced community practitioner

* The vdeos of the I Matter Project provide the consistency of the messages and style - some of them could be better but they should be used.

+ Thus an I Matter session in varied setting could be with different groups of professionals or parents or young people but it will be recognisable. 

+ Every I Matter session witll include welcomes and checking in, content or review of content covered in online learning and reflection on learning implications

+ Professionals are actively encouraged to work with their own home based relationships but are reminded to ensure adequate support is in place for this.

+ All members of an in school I Matter team are expected to complete supported online learning including the online reflective process - revisiting periodically 

+ We provide recordings of I Matter discussions with participants within our membership site and encourage active listening of these.

+ We don't expect Lead Professionals to know all the details of I Matter only in the process of making participants feel comfortable and safe to explore

+ We check out that our Lead Professionals  are feeling supported and that the 'whole school' implications of the I Matter Framework is understood by SLT

+ We expect Lead Professionals to engage in ongoing group training with us throughout the licence period and with support from a named Community Lead

+ We carefully gather feedback from participants and have a structured termly review process with memher schools to ensure key learning is taken forward

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It's quite simple really - we offer resources and encourage people to take time to think and learn about what is happening around them..

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

Get Started: Learn why healthy adult-child relationships and healthy communities matter for mental health, positive behaviour and healthy child development at home and in school. Then.. Take Stock and Go for Results.


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