Informed Practice (levels 0-2):

Level 0: Awareness Level Informed Practice - Introductions, Getting Started and and the Informal I Matter Q  (Conferences)

Level 1: A&B Foundation Level Informed Practice fleshes out the I Matter Framework helping join up the dots

Level 2: A&B Intermediate Level informed practice ensures a solid grasp of basics of child development

i) A professional or parent who accesses our Level 1 Foundation or Level 2 Intermediate training or purchases course notes or A4 posters has a licence to use the resources to help themselves and their own family and immediate pupils or patients or clients on an informal sharing principles approach.  They do not have a licence to train or formally support others in I Matter until such time as they have completed the Lead Professional application and certification process.  However they can share and show the resources and can work in a team with others.

ii) In the first instance we are about helping adults think differently and more confidently about their immediate role 

iii) secondly we like to work primarily with schools and GP's who want to look at their own inhouse and local community attitudes, policies and practices to supporting young people and families, especially where there are challenges

Supporting Others (levels 3-5)

Advanced Level for Parent Mentors, Lead Professionals Advanced Practitioners and Trainers

Trainee Lead Professional preparation course:  running an I Matter Foundation course (focus on selected specialism)

Level 3 A&B  Foundation Course delivery licences with inhouse professionals & school service linked Every day Parenting

Level 4 A&B  Intermediate Course - embedding developmental thinking delivery into inhouse practice licences

Level 5 A&B  Advanced home-school complex care co-ordination for inhouse practices and Community Trainer licences

iv) Our supported learning programs are usually delivered by or in partnership with schools or services where the conditions for longer term relationships exist.   We are committed to I Matter being a supported longer term learning approach.  Anyone wishing to apply to become a Lead Professional offering study support sessions for online learning to others must apply to our Lead Professionals progam with support from senior leadership from their own organisation or community

v) We look for professionals to work at level 3-5 who want to support training within their own organisations and communities and who can lead by example helping us spread good practices.  Our Level 5 trainers are selected from professionals who have worked up through their own organisational structures.

vi) we know that when it comes to system transformation the understanding and backing of senior leadership is key so an organisational licence to a school or service requires a commitment to the thinking involved from senior leadership teams.

The training and resources are delivered under license because we care about the way things are done.  The I Matter Framework was a response to seeing a lot of confusion in child and family practices and practices that were missing some of the key elements of what decades of resaerch has indicated is needed by children if they are to thrive - particularly the most vulnerable and complex.

We see our work in Kendal as being about exploring and demonstrate in practice what new models can look like - but the truth is that work with children and families is complex and takes time and we are still learning too so we are not at present offering any 'fast roll out' options.  We are still learning what the best approaches are for sharing this thinking in a manner that maintains quality

However we are keen to talk with others and share our learning and reflections

And we love to work bottom up to support those with enthusiasm and energy.

If you want to go further than this to help us share the ideas with others then you can apply to become a volunteer study supporter for our central programme or a trainee Lead Professional in one of our advanced roles - usually with a specific specialism working with parents/colleagues to develop insight in house. 


Our core level 3A licence is to offer study support for everyday parents-carers with the Foundation A course

The following licences require additional specific training and consent processes

Level 3IPP Increased Pressure Parenting (this includes training needed for more escalated complex situations)

Level 3AC Community Wheel Hub Licence

Level 3AW Community Wellbeing Wheel Delivery Licence 

Level 3YP A&B Young Person Delivery Licences

Level 3PC A&B Parent-Child Delivery Licences

Level 4 Schoool- Team Licence for embedded practice and inhouse professional use of I Matter tools

Level 5 Advanced Practitioner Licence - supporting joined up home-school complex care co-ordination

What does a Lead Professional Do?

More On Running I Matter inhouse

Time commitment to run an in house programme

How to Become a Lead Professional

Certification Process

Start a Local I Matter Training Programme

Host an onsite Lead Professional Starter Programme

Apply to become a Lead Professional

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It's quite simple really - we offer resources and encourage people to take time to think and learn about what is happening around them..

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

Get Started: Learn why healthy adult-child relationships and healthy communities matter for mental health, positive behaviour and healthy child development at home and in school. Then.. Take Stock and Go for Results.


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