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Towards an I Matter Quality Mark


Years of practice with children and families has shown that there are some common factors when things are going well for children who have additional needs or complexities and some common problems when they are not.   

When things are going well:

i)  there is proactive commitment to supporting understanding needed for healthy adult-child relationships at home and school

ii) professionals and parents are working well together using a shared framework to support their own skills development

iii) teams at home and school are committed to thinking developmentally across the life span and ensuring curriculum fit

iv) there is a longer term view supported by a helpful community network

v) young people are empowered to understand themselves and build their sklls

The current concerns about children's mental health and wellbeing clearly evidences that there are some significant problems in achieving the above in our current practices   So we are curently exploring the very earlieset steps of a Qulaity Mark process as we think this can provide a focus when we work with organistaions on the challenge of embedding these ideas into practice.  

We have a simple audit tool that covers the elements listed above ie the elements that we think need to be included in the I Matter School and I Matter Community Hub Quality Marks.  So the specific criteria that schools, services and communties can use to self assess their progress on these criteria exist in outline and we intend to work with partners to shape them to be most useful.

We would like to make the need for these quality marks on the above types of issues to be redundant as a lot of the above issues are not rocket science and should be an embedded elements of all good practice!  So what we are most interested in is supporting a shift in attitudes and in culture change.   Our criteria are therefore based on building a critical mass of people understanding key ideas so that we can impact on bringing about new realities for our children

We have two key types of process for our Organisational Audit and emerging Quality Mark process 

Our quality marks are for Advanced Organisational Practice Levels 3=5

i) For Schools 

     Level 3 Starter Level - you have a small inhouse team building parent skills in partnership with a local community hub

     Level 4 Culture change - you are working towards embedding developmental thinking across your provision

     Level 5 Advanced Practice - you are actively supporting longer term progress monitoring with a community approach

ii) For Community Hubs

     Level 3 Starter Level - you have a small local steering group building relationships and pathways between GP's and schools

     Level 4 Culture change - your local community actively values the health of relationships and support for wholistic thinking

     Level 5 Advanced practice - you have been sustaining and building on practices over time supporting an inclusive approach

There are several stages in working from registration through towards one of these quality marks. 

i)  Your senior leadership team register your school or service or community hub for Level 1 and 2 training

ii) Your team members can apply to complete the first self-evaluation process as part of your aspirational process

iii) Your team train and work with us and others to gain feedback and support in meeting key criteria

iv) You apply for level 3 licence and we set up a working contract 

v)  We arrange a formal session to review your initial self assessment 

vi) We come to a decision and make a report with some recommendations on sustaining current progress or building

vii) You work towards the criteria for the next progressive levels of the I Matter School or I Matter Community Awards.

We are starting out with simple self-assessment criteria which will be adjusted and revised each year as we learn what works best to support the practices that we know are most important

We anticipate some simple specifications that will allow organisations to work towards awards that reflect the size and reach of their own organisation

small school (less than 250 pupils)

medium school  (250-650 pupils)

large school (over 650 pupils)

small hub (integrated care communities)

medium hub (districts)

large hub (councils and health economies)


PLEASE NOTE:  These are ideas still under development being tested out with our local network - we will keep you posted!

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

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