The I Matter Framework - Definitions

The I Matter Framework - takes a wide set of well-evidenced ideas supported by decades of research evidence and shows through the use of visual posters how important concepts around stress, brain development, child development and the adult role can be pieced together into a very practical tool to support decision making at home and at school.

The I Matter Model - one key idea proposed by the I Matter Framework which clearly sets out the relationship between adult wellbeing and child wellbeing, demonstrating why it is vital for the adult to be in the lead when we are seeking to reduce stress states in young people  and communities.

The I Matter Process - a key concept in the I Matter Framework which addresses the centrality of conflict in healthy relationships.  Adults skills in supporting management of conflict is key to the emergence of improved wellbeing and resiliency in young people.

I Matter Q - A  registration questionnaire that we use to guide recommendations about the amount of study support that is likely to be needed to see best results from I Matter online learning

I Matter Resources - psychoeducational tools that are deisigned to assist parents and professionals in becoming clearer about what they are observing at home and at school as they gain clarity about the steps needed to make a difference

The I Matter Community Wheel - A simple tool that sets out the need to take a wholistic approach when thinking about the contributors to stress states.   The wheel is used to supportassessment and to support communties in working better togeither.

I Matter Community Hubs and the I Matter Directory - a directory that can be used to help parents and professionals find practtioners who are traied to understand  an I Matter approach.

I Matter Friendly associates - professionals who have completed Getting Started I Matter training and are working with a community hub

I Matter Informed Practitioners - Have completed Foundation A & B training with insight into the I Matter Framework

I Matter Developmentally Informed Practitioners - have completed Intermediate Training on developmental thinking

I Matter Lead Professionals - Have completed Foundation A and B training and have a leadership role

I Matter Advanced Practitioners - have a leadership role and some advanced therapeutic training and experence

I Matter School or Service - has at least two professionals who have completed Foundation A and B and have set up an Action Research Project with a licence to offer I Matter Online learning under a subscription.

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It's quite simple really - we offer resources and encourage people to take time to think and learn about what is happening around them..

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

Get Started: Learn why healthy adult-child relationships and healthy communities matter for mental health, positive behaviour and healthy child development at home and in school. Then.. Take Stock and Go for Results.


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