I Matter Legal and Financial Structures

Where does the money go?

The Adult-Child Well-Being 'I Matter' Project is committed to building structures that support sustainable professional and parent-carer education and support for those supporting children presenting with challenging or complex behaviour.

We are committed to finding ways to effectively tackle an issue that everyone knows is needed but that has proved a difficult challenge to crack.

To deliver training and support we therefore operate three linked structures as follows

1. I Matter Training Ltd - a private social enterprise company that supports the online tools and training resources

2. I Matter Child and Family Bursary Fund Scheme

3. Member Project fundraising schemes

1. I Matter Training Ltd

I Matter Training Ltd is a social enterprise set up in 2011 and initially called Cathy Betoin Training Ltd.   We had a name change in 2014

A social enterprise has a Social Mission - our social mission is the provision of mental health education and support for professionals, parents and complex young people.  This mission was adopted in 2014 (you can see this definition in our company articles page 2  point 2 and 2.2)  It is in very small print but it is very significant!    Click here for our Companies House filing history

I Matter Training Ltd is a private limited company limited by shares.  We have this structure because the work involved in getting to this point has been complex and sensitive and taken years of careful trial and error.   To deliver a quality of experience for professionals and parents it matters to us how things are done.  We have been advised that this is the best legal structure for this purpose as it ensures we can keep control over the quality of what is delivered.

We have not been commissiioned to develop these materials and do not have any outstanding debts or loans.  The outstanding creditors in our company accounts refers only to a Directors Loan ie only to funds invested directly over a period of several years by Dr Cathy Betoin to develop the training resources and online courses.

So though I Matter Training is not a not for profit company it operates as if it was a not-for-profit company.   We do not pay dividends.  Dr Cathy Betoin is the only share holder.  100% of our company profits are reinvested in the company and in the steps required to develop the availablily of effective training and support to professionals and parents.    Those who are paid by the company are paid rates that are equivalent to or less than professionals standard rates.

In the event of any profits, these will be used to cover overheads, for investment in new projects, and for investment in the I Matter child and family bursary scheme.

The company has adopted a voluntary asset lock.  What this means is that in the event of a dissolution of the company any assets would be transferred to a charity or organisation that was committed to pursuing the same social mission.

2.  I Matter Child and Family Bursary Scheme.   

As we are committed to making our training affordable to familiies and professionals we also now run an active Fund Raising Bursary Scheme with three funds:

Fund 1:  funds to support bursaries for I Matter Training in small schools

Fund 2:  funds to support bursaries for I Matter Training for parents-carers on low incomes

Fund 3:  funds to support our back office and administration costs


Our Bursary Scheme is an Unincorporated Association with separate Trustees and constitution.

The Bursary Scheme has two funds one for bursaries to professionals and to parents.

Donated Funds are retained in a separate Community Savings Account

We raise funds with support of participants to our training on a termly basis through a crowdfunding approach.   We have also adopted a voluntary asset lock on this Bursary Scheme assuring that in the event that the association or I Matter Training were dissolved the Trustees or members would not beneft.  Any funds would be distriibuted to a charity of the Trustees choice.

Applications can be made to this fund by individual participants on a termly basis of 25%. 50% or 75%.  All recipients of bursaries are expected to take part in fund raising for participants the following term.   We provide ideas on how to use our inhouse crowdfunding tools for this purpose.   Our ability to distribute bursaries in any one term depends upon the sum in the bursary account riased the previous term.

3.    Friend of the I Matter Framework 

This small subscription membership is intended to appeal to those members of the community who want to contribute in a small way to our ability to take our messages out to more people.    We use the funds on regular basis to support our community development work.

3.  Member Project Fundraising Bursary Schemes.    In addition to our own fundraising scheme, we provide member projects such as schools and nurseries with ideas on  how to run successful inhouse funding raising schemes commonly run by the Parent Teacher Association.


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