Costs of I Matter Training

We have worked hard to cost I Matter Framework training at a level that can make it affordable for budget holders and for professionals and parents and carers under pressure whilst communicating that the content of I Matter Training involves participants in a signifcant amount of sometimes quite challenging personal or professional work.   

The costs of I Matter Training includes

i) the cost of the online account - which includes the registration and recommendations guidance we offer participants and Leads

ii) the cost of the study support delivered by us or by you inhouse in your setting.

I Matter Training can be funded on a course by course basis for professionals or Linked Parents through our regular training programme   

However if you want to be part of getting these ideas out into the world, and embedding I Matter thinkking in your strategy and you have the support of your organisation, then you can apply to one of the following roles

a Link Professional or

a Lead Professional

a Link Parent-Carer or

a Lead Parent-Mentor. 

Each of these roles requires organisational support eg from your school or service senior leadership team who will hold the responsibility for ensuring that any study support for I Matter courses are run in your setting with good practice and appropriate regard to confidentiality protection and safeguarding expectations etc.

As a Link or Lead Professiona or Parent-Carer you will also be expected to have attended the appropriate preparation training stage and to be be a registered member with your own subscrtiption to include attendance at an approved half termly group training=checkin session.    This is a membership that should be funded personally because we are looking to support individuals who understand the personal journey that is involved in this work.

Link Professional or Link Parent Benefits

When you become an approved Link Professional or Link Parent you may

+ support Lead Professionals in the delivery of study support for courses

+ work with us to idenifty professionals and parents who will benefit from the training

+ offer informal support as a volunteer to others who are taking part in training. 

Parent-Carer Mentor

When you have a Parent-Carer Mentor role you may

+ work with your organisation to support Lead Professionals who are delivering an I Matter study support programme

+ take a lead on certain agreed elements of supporting others in your setting 

Lead Professional 

When you have an approved Trainee Lead Professional Licence you may purchase coupons for the online courses to enable you to offer 1:1 and small group study support for those in your setting.   These offer

+ multiuser coupons for the Essentials course

+ mulltiuser coupons for the Foundation A at a 50% discount on the usual course price. 

+ include the registration and recommendations process

+ study support licence - you may deliver the study support in salaried or volunteer time or you may charge a fee for the study support component - inline within our guidelines.  

So parents linked to member schools have two options - one is to pursue their training with a discounted account and study support options from school based Lead Professionals.  The other is to take part in study support in our classes for member parents only.

Any professional wanting to take on a Link or Lead Professional role should complete a minimum of 6 sessions with an approved Lead Professional.

Donations to Our Bursaries

If you would like to help us make this training more accessible please consider either:

Becoming a Friend of the I Matter Framework OR  

Making a Donation to one of the following funds in our I Matter Bursary Scheme

1.   I Matter Training for parents-carers on lower incomes

2.   I Matter Training for small schools

3 .   I Matter Core costs

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