How do you judge the impact of I Matter CPD?


In recent weeks, in the process of submitting the I Matter courses for CPD accreditation via the CPD Standards Office I have had to go through a rigorous process. I have had to supply documentation and evidence to show that the course has been carefully put together and that proper systems are in place to ensure that participants have a good experience.  I have had to demonstrate that feedback on the course is carefully gathered and evaluated.  

In this process I have also been looking at the question of how CPD is usually evaluated for impact.  I have found some useful articles.  One from the Training and Development Agency for Schools suggests that as it can be difficult to evaluate the impact of CPD, managers should try to ensure that:

i) CPD is planned and carefully integrated as part of an individual's performance development plan and based on identified needs of the individual employee
ii) chosen based on what the individual wants to be learning, on how the CPD will likely impact their behaviour and how this will likely impact the children or families they work with
iii) reviewed for impact with their manager within an agreed timeline
iv) evaluated as a collaborative process for impact
v) judged where possible against some clearly pre-defined success criteria
vi) reviewed for impact over short, medium and longer term
vii) included with a cost-benefit analysis
viii) ensuring that the time taken to evaluate impact is proportionate to the identified need

As an example of the above in relation to I Matter Training, Mrs Jones is a Teacher in a primary school.  She has identified that she often struggles to understand the behaviour of several of the children in her classroom.  She explains to her line manger that she often feels stressed by the behaviour and is not sure that she is as helpful as she could be.  She expresses a wish for training that will improve her confidence in her role.  Though her child is managing academically, she would like to see him coping better in the classroom with relationships.

With her senior manager they identify a need for some further training about working with a child who struggles with relationships.  A colleague suggests that I Matter Training Basic Certificate could be helpful to her and in looking at the details they notice that the course will address her understanding of the needs of the child and her own stress levels.   They agree that the course appears to be good value with several parts to the training and a combination of face to face and online learning.  They decide to reserve a place and book in some contact points to review the learning that Mrs Jones is having and the impact it is having on her practice.   

Though the agency works with schools, the above process would apply equally in relation to the CPD needs of a social worker, health visitor, GP or paediatrician 

If you are interested in our I Matter Courses for CPD purposes and are wondering about how they could be integrated into your personal performance management process please click here



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