Schools? How will you spend your pupil premiums?

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Did you know that I Matter Training can be used to help you meets the new requirements set out in the draft SEN Code of Practice, and though budgets are tight, this could be a cost effective way of investing your pupil premiums?

Key messages for schools embedded in the new code are for joined up planning and for the understanding that knowledge of SEN should not just be limited to a small cohort of specialists. Another key change places a much greater emphasis on meeting the underlying needs of young people rather than just on managing behaviour.

An implication for schools is that high quality professional development and training is now best needed for every member of their workforce, rather than just the SEN team, so that all staff have the knowledge, skills and understanding to work sensitively and developmentally with more complex pupils and their parents.    Complex pupils include those with social emotional challenges, arising from such things as early neglect or trauma (eg linked with adoption and fostering) from developmental delay or linked with diagnosed condition such as ASD or ADHD or Attachment Difficulties.  A very high percentage of these children will display challenging behaviours and poor learning outcomes when their needs are not adequately met.

A key conclusion of the Sutton Trust work on raising outcomes suggested that contrary to popular opinion, more adults in the classroom are not closely linked to outcomes unless the adults have the right understanding and training.   They identified that training in meta-cognition - and selfregulation had particularly powerful impact

I think that this new guidance is quite important and exciting but having read through the draft SEN document and training that is being made available to support it, what strikes me most is that the knowlege being offered is often very poorly integrated.   

I Matter Online Training can help you with the new SEN requirement by enabling professionals. to access relevant training about self-regulation and child development and the role of parents, in a cost-effective and highly flexible fashion-   It also supports you in providing training to receptive parents.   

The training provides

* a really practical back to basics integrated framework with which to understand a wide range of complex difficulties.  

* a flexible, cost-effective way of engaging staff with a wide range of experience

* a framework that is relevant for all children but particularly the most vulnerable

* a framework that emphasises adult wellbeing and supports adults in prioritising their own stress management this as a key part of their role.

Most importantly investing in in-house confidence will give you an increased capacity to address the needs of children who may otherwise failed to progress or been excluded.

If you want to learn more:

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