What is I Matter Training? Foundation 2: Partnerships matter

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So what is I Matter Training?    I Matter Training is intended to provide you with a way of bringing a lot of complex ideas together into a useable and practical whole so that you can be more confident about how to help yourself and your complex child.  

I Matter is built on 3 core foundations.   Foundation 1 is a reminder that if you want to see positive change - you have to be willing to take some personal responsibility and you have to be willing to grow and change yourself.   

Foundation 2 of I Matter is a reminder that if you want to help a complex child, you have to be willing to work with others.     Working with others in partnership could be referring to your home-based relationships, with your child's other parent or grandparents for example.   It also refers to the relationships you make with people at your child's school or in the community.  

Your ability to build good relationships and your ability to motivate them to want to work with you, will be a key factor in your ability to help your child.   No one can work completely alone with complex children.  You will need support.  Your child will need support.  

Your relationship skills can get stronger and as they do, you will be acting as a fantastic role model to your child and others about what good working relationships look like and about the effort and rewards involved. 

Relationships take time and work!   Have you noticed that to help your child, you must lead the way! 


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