Why I Matter Training? #7 I am a hopeless idealist - are you?

I have to admit it - one of the reasons that I have kept going with this project is that in the face of lots of reasons to stop, I am one of those people who still wants to believe that we could/can as a community more effectively address what is happening for children in our community if we worked together in our homes and schools to make a difference.    

One of the things that I have loved about this project is that I get to meet a lot of remarkable people who also hold onto similar idealism and continue to work for positive change against apparently unstoppable odds.  

Sometimes it really can seem that we are bonkers to keep going.... but when you look at how things could look if we dropped hope and a belief in a positive future,  the picture is not very appealing.  Think about what cynicism, despair and impatience do to your own wellbeing, let alone to those around you and you will soon discover why the term 'I Matter' refers to the difference that you make to your very immediate circle of family, friends, and colleagues by the attitudes you decide to adopt today.

Are you someone who wants to believe you could make a difference to the future for one or more children that you live or work with?  If so, the I Matter Project is for you.  Do get in touch, it is nice to meet with other other passionate people who sometimes believe in things that others consider to be impossible!

So in sum... take a look at my next blog..


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