Why I Matter Training? #8 In sum

So why would I like you to consider I Matter Training?   Because I believe it can help you whether you are a professional, a parent or a young person to get your bearings in very confusing times and around confusing challenging behaviours and experiences.    

It is not that you HAVE to have a map, because as when you do a jigsaw puzzle, you still have to work things out yourself, but it often helps you to be a bit faster if you have a picture to look at on the box.  

I Matter Training is not a treatment, it is a mental health education.   It's intention is to help you become more competent more quickly.   I want you to have this training because I know there are young people who for whom the only route to a better future is at least one adult who is not going to give up on them.  

You could be that adult.  

Or you could be a young person who wants help for yourself.

Don't hesitate!   Get in touch!


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