I Matter Project News - 1st March 2015


It's been a busy and exciting month!    And it looks as if next month is going to be busy and exciting too.

One of the most important ideas that I have learned in the process of developing the I Matter Project, is that whatever the issue, it is important to get REALLY clear about what you want most.    Then it is best to write these wants down so that you can come back to review your wants regularly to see if any adjustments are needed.   You then have to head off in the direction of your wants knowing that some of what you want may not happen straight away.  

I started this process several years back and this month I realised that a good number of those hopes and dreams have actually started to materialise.    I have finally replaced my own confusion with a lot more clarity (this was one of my top wants!) People are enjoying and valuing the training I am offering.  I am working with some very interesting and very committed people.    It looks as if I have found a perfect place for an administrative base and the business management side of things is finally beginning to make more sense to me.   I love getting what I want! 

This coming week I will meet with the 7 other members of the I Matter Action Research Group - to continue to explore our findings about the impact of a gap between developmental and chronological age on mental health and educational outcomes.   We are looking at the nitty gritty details of child development and I am looking forward to sharing some fascinating video clips about joint attention in typical babies and in complex children. It is a real pleasure to work with people who are interested in such matters. 

On Friday I have been asked to speak about the I Matter Project at a conference organised by Adoption Matters NW and Caritas Care entitled What does Excellence in Post-Adoption Support look Like?.   I feel really energised by this work and it has been a privilege to work with the professionals and the adoptive families who are involved.  

Another big excitement this month has been drawing together the outline of an I Matter Certification Scheme for Individuals and Schools and Organisations.  It seems absurdly grandiose to set out such a scheme (who am I to do this?), but the truth is I do feel passionately that our schools and organisations are significantly blinded/off track when it comes to child development and parenting confidence - to the severe disadvantage of children and families who are already disadvantaged.  So it feels good to be able to act on the issues I feel strongly about - especially when the theoretical base is now so persuasive.

I will also soon be taking on an administrator and taking enrolments for the Foundation courses that start after the Easter break.   

So two things to think about 
i) What do YOU want most?  And what small steps are you taking in that direction?
ii) Do you know anyone who could be interested in I Matter Training?  If so, please pass these details onto them.  

Thank you!



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