This is intended to be a professional website..  However, I Matter emerged in my life out of a very personal journey and so though I don't intend to use this site to share lots of intimate details, as I start out on the task of sharing these ideas through my own on-line business, it is perhaps fitting to share with you that the I Matter Framework and the I Matter Process have been central to a very challenging journey, through a divorce - and other adventures - and on to a much happier place. with my partner Pierre.  

We celebrated our second wedding last week - on the 24th anniversary of our first.  On that occasion, with family and friends we released more than 100 helium balloons from the top of the golf course in Kendal, with tickets attached sending words of encouragement out to the universe (one was recovered 300 miles away!)  Relationships can be very challenging, but if we persevere in that journey, there are incredible opportunities to become stronger and wiser and happier versions of ourselves.    

So be warned, with an understanding of I Matter, ANYTHING can happen!


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