Schools-Education Relationship Health Practice Hubs

Relationship Health Practice aims to focus on prevention and early intervention.  With this intent we aim to build services as close as possible into the places that children and families are found.   



Developing a School-Nursery-College Relationship Health Practice Hub

When families become concerned about children, a key place of contact will be with their childs school or nursery or college

Often however, particularly when the child is young, the difficulties can be much less apparent in school or nursery than they are at home.  This can lead to school staff feeling confused by what is being described as it seems to not reflect the child they see and parents feeling they are not believed 

In the Kendal Primary Care Network area we have been exploring the training needed to take forward Relationship Health Practice as a whole school and community approach.   The intention is to start off conversations with parents-carers and raise awareness of the issue of relationship health including the indicators of relationship ill health.

Our goal is to engage all parties - professionals, parents and young people in taking forward the skills on which relationship health depends.  


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In our pilots to date, parents and carers with children in reception are offered the opportunity to take part in the I Matter First Course.  This is a low demand opportunity to start off conversations about the importance of relationship health for children's wellbeing. 

We are currently progressing additional pilot projects on the relationship health skills curriculum and on the relationship health nuggets and gems community.   This is a membership community designed to engage parents-carers in feeling valued in their important role and recognising when there is need to get help.  

This is a project under development.   If you think the approach could be of interest please contact us

The Schools Relationship Health Hubs offer

Initial Awareness Raising

Relationship Health is an overlooked but very important idea.  We train staff in schools so that they are equipped to engage families in discussing these issues at the earliest stage, through setting important expectations

Support for Effective Home-School Partnerhip

Though the provision of training we aim to equip schools and nurseries to equip adults and young people for working together to build the vital skills for relationship health

Early Intervention Support

The partnership with the local community hub aims to make it possible to interest all parties in taking effective action early. and through building effective cmmunity

If this sounds of interest - please contact us

Relationship Health is an overlooked idea that helps professionals and parents-carers work together to help young people in their own communities