About I Matter Relationship Health Training - Membership

Learning to care for ourselves, our children, each other and our planet

You do not move on with personal, local and global problems by blaming others.  You start with You.


An I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is designed to support an ongoing learning process so we encourage all participants to consider joining a learning community 

The I Matter Wheel offers entry level awareness education 
The I Matter Learning Journey is for Levels 1-3 personal-professional
The I Matter Master Plan offers a higher level of support for L1-3
The I Matter Relationship Health Links and Facilitators supports L4
The I Matter Relationship Health Practitioners supports Level 5-6

Each level has a programme of study support sessions complemented by additional small group sessions offered by our Trainee and Certified Practitioners.

Fivesteps to success

What are the key levels of training

Getting Started and the Wheel
Fundamentals- Learn the I Matter Framework - all roles
Level 1 - Learn the I Matter Framework -consolidation - all roles
Level 2 - Living I Matter - Leadership focus - all roles
Level 3 - Extended Journey - Supporting children and adults with additional needs in direct roles
Link Practitioner - After Level 1 - identifying and supporting those who would benefit from I Matter Training and being a local point of contact
Level 4 - Facilitator - Assisting with small group study support
Level 5 - Lead Coach - Offering oversight to develop pathways and joined up practices as well as offering individual coaching
Level 6 - Advanced Practitioner - oversight to local training pathways supporting participants and trainee practitioners with assessment