Make Sure You are Well Prepared For Relationship Health
Learn The I Matter Model and the I Matter Framework - for Parents-Carers

Strong Foundations for Relationship Health Practice

Solid Foundations for Relationship Health at Home
Learn the I Matter® Framework

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Your first mission (should you choose to accept it) is to be sitting down with a cup of tea and your I Matter Level 1 Certificate,  feeling relieved and proud that you have made time (3 months or less) to give yourself solid foundations for supporting relationship health at home, especially in the face of challenges, and what’s more - you have enjoyed the process!

Work with parents-carers is where this project started and is still progressing.  However our experience of working with many families is that confidence in helping a child, especially one with some additional challenges starts with the adult feeling confident in themselves and in their own role in the world in general.  So we encourage all parents-carers to start with the Level 1 course focussed on general adult wellbeing and relationship health first.  If more is needed then you can apply to join the Level 2-3 course


Stats show that relationship health is one of the most important predictors of health and wellbeing...

Yet we are not given any preparation to ensure we have the skills for relationships, especially for times when there is pressure.  Then when pressures arise (which they always do), it can be difficult to find the right help .  

The trouble is, that getting involved in relationships or in the care of children or adults without preparation, or even discussing the issues involved, leaves adults and young people hugely ill-prepared 


Get some preparation for Relationship Health finally done..

And then experience the relief, the reassurance, and the rewards this brings from having some solid foundations.

Rewards?  Yes - lack of relationship health with people who matter can consume your mind, heart and soul.

So making it a priority and getting some study done can progress important conversations, help you make good decisions and relieve a lot of pressure

Why Make This a Priority?

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We get that you are busy and there is a lot to fit in.  However relationship health impacts everything.
So, making time to learn and wherever possible making time to be part of local small group study support will support your I Matter Learning Journey.  It is through discussion that the task of putting theory into practice comes to life.   Here are some other benefits.  You will 


Not understanding why children and adults behave the way they do can lead to huge heart ache - that can be avoided if you understand more


If you find yourself needing to hunt for support once difficulties have become established getting that help can be difficult and sometimes can be very expensive


When you have made time to discuss matters of relationship health before difficulties arise, then if difficulties arise the conversations are much easier to progress.

As a parent-carer you have a very important leadership role, and so your wellbeing and your own relationship health and wisdom is a key foundation for helping your children and family and community.   

Right now, there is a need to explore the way to respond to climate and global crises and economic crises with courage and clarity so that your children can see you involved in constructive actions to build community and progress wise decisions at all levels.

Relationship Health Matters

I'm Dr Cathy Betoin, founder of I Matter Training and Relationship Health Matters and I get how tricky it can be talking about issues to do with relationship health. It’s often another elephant in the room alongside mental health that everyone avoids talking about, especially with the people you care about 

Here with Relationship Heath Matters and I Matter Training, our mission is to make discussion of relationship health as commonplace as discussion about physical health and mental health.

Inspired by my own journey and experiences of confusion in professional and personal roles, I designed this learning journey to help others get their professional and personal roles off to an easier and more start than I experienced

Our aim is to support you to build strong foundations for relationship health practice at work and at home

This is done through the online study course and supported by our trained and licensed facilitators or coaches who’ve been through our licensed facilitators training programme,

With the insight and tools to progress relationship health what we want for you is for your home and work learning journeys to become much easier, simpler, straightforward and more enjoyable!

What Others Say

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I am really enjoying how thought provoking this information is and how it makes it practical and easy to explain and utilise in so many different areas of my patient care.   GP Level 1

"The information drawn together in I Matter Training is like gold dust for parents and carers of the child who is challenging us.  I am loving the training and finding it so interesting!" - Parent and Foster Carer  Level 1-2

The course was truly fascinating. Having worked in education for 16 years it’s given me a new angle and so much food for thought!  I want to know more! I think this could really have a huge impact on how we support families.   Year Head

The course has definitely met all the learning outcomes.  It has been an excellent course.  I liked how it showed compassion to parents and children.   I am making lots of changes!   Parent of 2 and 5yr old


Three Steps to Get Started with Building Strong Foundations for Relationship Health

Once past the registration and recommendations step, and registered for Level 1  you will have a step by step learning process.  You will


They are carefully designed to be step by step and are very interesting!


Think about your own situation
Discuss.  Tackle specific challenges


Review progress and feel good about
making time for this important learning.

We recommend supported learning with licensed practitioners in your own community
At present this is only available in the Kendal, South Lakes area so places are currently restricted.  
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After the Level 1:    After the Level 1 you may feel relationships at home are in a good place and you have covered all you need and feel ready to stop.  Or you might want to stay involved via our regular monthly membership. 

Or you may want to learn more, or know you need to build in more support for yourself as you build your skills and confidence. In which case you could apply to progress to the advanced programme which explores the theory to practice of the I Matter Framework in more depth.  Level 2 is intended for those looking to strengthen confidence for typical home relationships and parenting situations (another 4 months) and Level 3 for those supporting children with additional needs where a longer term focus is needed (another 12 months).

The important question to ask yourself is are relationships yet in a healthy place?  Are you feeling confident in the role you are playing in your family and in your team to help your child or children progress with their challenges?   If not - there is more to learn - and supporting yourself with this learning is important.

Parents-Carers can submit an expression of interest to access online training with a recommendation via a certified Link or Lead in a member school or service.
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