For Parents-Carers

Healthy relationships are at the heart of whether the experience of being a parent-carer feels enjoyable or highly stressful.  Healthy relationships contribute to improved mental health and physical health and educational outcomes of both children and the adults with the caring responsibilities. When relationships are healthy, children and adults enjoy spending time together and can solve problems more easily.  There are key skills for everyone to learn that make a big difference.

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Poor relationship health is associated with challenging behaviour, poor mental health, increased hyperactivity and poor attention and other behavioural problems, as well as longer term damages to physical and mental development. Poor relationships from an early age can lead to long term relationship problems.  However it is never too late to turn things around.

There are many different factors which can affect children’s relationships which you can read about below. 


Ask about Relationship Health Services

We understand how difficult life can be when there are relationship health issues with children or dependent aduls. Our aim is to support individuals and families to improve relationship health by offering workshops, clinics and written materials. We use a an I Matter Learning Journey approach to improving relationship health ep and work in partnership with families, we know that every relationship has its own unique history and that you are the expert on your own situation..

In some areas, our services are bought in by local services or funded by grants so that families can access one to one support from our trained practitioners. To find out if there is a relationship health services in your area please contact us