Intent, implementation, impact

What exactly are you going to focus on teaching in your school?  How are you going to ensure consistent implementation?   How are you going to demonstrate impact?

We have a package designed to introduce a different perspective on school priorities. We are putting it forward as there is an elephant in the room when it comes to schools practice and improving outcomes - in fact maybe there are two or even three elephants. 

I drew the I Matter Framework together because after many years in clinical and education practice I concluded that something was missing.  I couldn't figure it out for a long time but when it finally became clearer I was shocked.  
Many many documents have been written in health and education about the importance of evidence based practice but what the I Matter Framework does is highlight what the evidence is really telling us - when you pull all the different bits together and organise them carefully.  

What decades of research evidence tells us is that if we want to improve outcomes for children - educational and mental health we have to focus on three things that are about relationships : 
i) healthy Adult-Child relationships - teacher-child relationship and most importantly parent-child relationship
ii) supporting the foundations of healthy social emotional development - these are skills which emerge with support
iii) supporting healthy communities in which parents and children experience a sense of welcome and belonging.

There are a few issues that are rather shocking here 
i) how have these issues been overlooked?
ii) why are teachers and other child and family professionals not being trained in child development?
iii) why are so many children being diagnosed as 'disordered' when the above issues are being overlooked?

So here is a suggestion that we can help with:
1. Why not have the intent to introduce a social-emotionally brain aware community wide curriculum that equips your pupils and their families for success in healthy relationships? 
2. Why not work with us to use our supported online learning to ensure your staff team have these key training gaps addressed?
3. Why not use our assessment tools to demonstrate need and show impact?

We would love to help :   PLEASE CONTACT US


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