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The I Matter Workshops are usually offered as a complement to the I Matter online learning journey or as part of a pathway in a local community.   Access starts with making an enquiry


Workshops are a great way of discussing your learning with others

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A 40 minute orientation

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A 75 minute Interactive Workshop

Live workshops can be offered in house by experienced practitioners as part of raising awareness and starting off discussions.   

The I Matter Workshops aims to support your confidence in understanding the foundations for more confidence in relationships, especially the most challenging, by introducing you to the key ideas of the I Matter Framework and a relationship health approach - both the theory and the theory to practice.

Then you will have the challenge of implementing the ideas in your own situation!    This is all about investing in yourself so that you can make a difference to those that matter!


Is it time to deepen your insights into the why & the what for relationship health?

These workshops are for professionals and for Linked Parents-Carers with a recommendation

      Have you got a question about our services?   Drop us a line and we will try to help!