Why Learn the I Matter Framework and about Relationship Health?

Learning to care for ourselves, our children, each other and our planet

You do not move on with personal, local and global problems by blaming others.  You start with You.

Why Learn the I Matter Framework as a professional?

For Educators, Clinicians, Health Professionals, Social Workers

If you are a professional in the area of child and adult wellbeing you will know just how difficult the role can sometimes be.   However what if some new thinking was needed?   Have you ever found yourself

+ Feeling discouraged in the face of huge demands
+ Feeling frustrated at unrealistic expectations
+ Feeling a need for more joined up thinking in your local area

Our recommendation is that you will be able to figure out how to help yourself and others be more effective in your role if you first take some time to learn a few core well researched ideas about wellbeing.  

When you have progressed this understanding for yourself then you will be better able to work with your clients and colleagues be and better able to help yourself.   

The good news is the ideas are really interesting, practical and helpful!

Fivesteps to success

So imagine this

Imagine all the time you could spend more effectively?
+ Empowering not just reacting
+ Equipping yourself and equipping others
+ Pushing back the feelings of overwhelm 

Investing in learning the I Matter Framework and about relationship health is a first step investment in being able to work with colleagues, families and individuals of all ages to find a healthier and happier way forward.   There are no quick fixes (though you probably know that).  However there can sometimes be some quick wins.   What feels good is having a clear path to find a practical way forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is real and an important thing to be thinking about for professionals and families, but it is different and separate from relationship health.   

The reason that an understanding of relationship health is particularly important is that when there are any questions about neurodiversity, it is often a relationship health focus that will hold some keys to moving things forward.    We have more control over how relationship health progresses than how neurodiversity progresses.

What about the cost of living crisis?

The cost of living crisis is having a huge impact on many many people.    There are many reasons for it historic and political.   The truth is that there are many really difficult issues happening right now over which we have no control. 

So to make a difference in a difficult situation the key detail we must learn to focus on is discovering the elements we can influence.     When you start looking, there can be more there than might first seem apparent - but it is these details that can help us find the way forward.  This is where your commitment to learning and action can make a difference.   As your skills grow you can help yourself AND help others.

Is relationship health and I Matter a therapy?

No, relationship health is an overlooked idea.   The I Matter Framework is a way of teaching the well researched ideas that support relationship health as being important.  The I Matter Learning Journey is an educational programme that can be supported by group discussion and coaching.  

Learning the I Matter Framework can be a useful way of preparing yourself to get the best of working with family members and with professionals with a wide range of approaches.

What is the research on relationship health?

This is interesting.  Every idea that we teach in the I Matter Framework is supported by a great deal of research.  Many traditions have concluded that relationships are key to wellbeing.   However the term Relationship Health is new!     You can find these ideas described in my books on Relationship Health as the missing Link in adult and child wellbeing.  Click here to read more

We love this term - as it opens up really important conversations and helps people to start work together.