Join the I Matter Relationship Health Matters Community:
Help Us to Take Forward Relationship Health Practice

Professionals and Parents working together to create a different story for children.

What if professionals and parents worked together to build supportive home-school communities which nurtured children?

Ever wished you felt clearer about the way forward to help your own child and all the others that need help too? 

Ever wished you had a place to turn to that helped restore your energy every time you felt overwhelmed or discouraged, or confused about your role?

Now, you do!


Join the I Matter Relationship Health Network!

From £7.00 / month

Please pay at the highest level your personal financial circumstances allow so that together we can include as many parents as possible in our community.

CORE Relationship Health Network Membership (monthly programme): Includes and is open to those who have completed the Introduction
£6pcm (Core with scholarship funds support)
£9pcm (Core paid annually)
£12pcm (Core paid monthly)

Want to join but finances are tight? We understand how it can be! Just select the “£6 / month (scholarship)” option.   We have a few scholarship places for extended membership - this requires an application via member organisations

The Relationship Health Network is our entry level option for professionals or parents who want to learn more about and support relationship health questions.     

Join the Relationship Health Network and help make the way forward a little easier

Professional Practice and Parenting and Caring for children is hard when you feel confused about which way to turn in the face of so many challenges. The Relationship Health Network means you have a community that is committed to helping you find practical and meaningful ways forward that start with You and your learning journey and the way you want to contribute to your family and community.

The I Matter Relationship Health Network Gives You:

A little dose of encouragement - that a new way forward can be found

Opportunities to understand more deeply what the research evidence is telling us is the way forward to address the mental health and wellbeing of children, so that you can respond more effectively in your own roles

warm community of professionals and parents and trained coaches who understand your challenges and celebrate your learning journey with you

CORE MEMBERSHIP - Open to Anyone who has completed Introductory I Matter training

  • Relationship Health  Network: A monthly session with Dr Cathy Betoin, Founder of the Relationship Health Network and an invited guest with expertise in relationship health
  • Includes access to an Introduction to I Matter Thinking - the online class that provides the explanation for an I Matter approach
  • Invitation to members events
  • Priority Member Invitations to progress the I Matter Challenge when we open our doors to new applications 
  • Optional Savings Plan credits  towards the next steps of your I Matter Journey Courses and Literature

ENHANCED MEMBERSHIP - Open to those who have completed the First Steps or Intensive - Professional and Parent options

  • I Matter Mountain Ascent - Weekly coaching calls *extended) with Certified I Matter Professionals and Parent Mentors and opportunities to submit questions
  • Includes Access to the First Steps course: Learn how to use our informal I Matter relationship health assessment process
  • On-call access to I Matter Certified Professionals and Parent Mentors, who will answer your questions and be there with you to support you with your journey and when times get hard
  • Work with your Community to build a local team to support a in-depth I Matter assessment and recommendations process
  • Goal setting and accountability sessions and book club
  • Invitations online and live video network events
  • Weekly email to keep you motivated and up-to-date
  • Progress the I Matter Challenge - Personal or Professional at the pace that works for you and help take your own confidence forward 
  • Help your community with building a supportive I Matter relationships health practice informed network in your community
  • Dedicated group professional and parent forums to connect you with other members and keep you focussed on keeping your I Matter Personal and Professional Practice going strong.

ORGANISATIONAL MEMBERSHIP - Open to schools and services who have two staff who have completed the Foundation Intensive

  • I Matter Senior Link Network - monthly with opportunities to submit questions
  • Develop joined up home-school thinking 
  • Goal setting and accountability sessions and book club
  • Audit your inhouse practices
  • Progress the I Matter Organisational Award at the pace that works for you and help take your own confidence forward 
  • Help your community with building a supportive I Matter relationships health practice informed network 

Are you worn out with looking for answers to help you understand and help your child or others in your community ...

"The information drawn together in I Matter Training is like gold dust for teachers and parents and carers of the challenging child.  I am loving the training and approach and finding it so interesting!" - Foster Carer

This approach rebuilds the hope and confidence of professionals and parents by providing a language and concepts that we can all work together with because it ties elements together. It just makes complete sense

Dr Amy Lee: GP Safeguarding Lead - Kendal Integrated Care Community


Before starting out on this journey, I used to dread every day with my little girl who is 5 years old.  She used to winge and cry all day, every day.  We have taken a number of active steps that have helped her, but I Matter Training is one of the elements that has helped me to be the parent I always wanted to be with her.  The changes in her since last summer are quite dramatic.  For the first time, I look forward to being with her, she is coming to me for cuddles and is blossoming in all aspects of her development.  Parent

Through this approach I have learnt so much about the needs of my grandson. I now understand  the developmental side and how to manage and approach and support him. The training and support has totally changed my way of thinking and I can only wish I had been given this training four years ago and then maybe the trauma and upset we had back then would have been much easier to handle and had a different outcome .  Grandparent