In I Matter Coaching the core goal is to help you explore some important ideas that can help you to help yourself and your child and family members or wider network.  Change comes through sticking with a process of learning over time  

In order to work together on the basis of some clear understandings, please take a few moments to read through and then digitally sign this client agreement. When difficulties have been present for a longer time, you will need to stick with the new learning,longer to see real benefits.

To set up our agreement you will need to make an initial test payment of £1.00 so that you can be confident this is all set up correctly.

The usual first step after that is an online questionnaire followed by a 90 min consultation with you with some recommendations.  We can think together about who else may need to be involved.

Once this agreement is completed we will send you the invoices for subsequent agreed services on a stage by stage basis

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Cathy Betoin