I Matter for Professionals: Preparation and Step 1 - 2 online

Welcome to the I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey. 

The steps of the journey are designed to introduce you to a carefully structured approach to relationship health practice
The intention of this stages is to get you started with some important discussions and reflections

I Matter Training uses a number of different online tools to support your I Matter Journey,  

The package includes
+ A 7 day Free trial to experience the Preparation Course
+ A Getting Started Live Webinar
+ The Online Course Preparation and Step 1-2
+ 4 months (8 x) fortnightly live Q&A with pre-submitted questions
+ 5 months access

+ We do not issue refunds so please use the 7 days to check out any impulsive decisions.
This step will provide you with some further information about what is involved

If you are interested in purchasing Steps 3-5  or Step 1-5 all at once please contact us
Full colour course notes available to purchase with Step 3-5 (Theory to Practice)

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