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Supporting a Relationship Health Integrated Care Community Approach in Primary Care Networks

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The Community Connector Membership is intended to help your school or service get started with a relationship health learning journey to help develop the insight and skills of, staff, parents and pupils and progress with an Relationship Health Learnning Journey: 

Your membership helps us set up a named link professional and gives you a discount code of 10% off any core professional programme for funded or self-funding processionals linked to your school>

The intention is to help you build capacity for the important task of building the skills that support relationship health in staff, parents and young people

Please note:
You must have a Named Senior set up prior to setting up organisational membership.
Organisational Membership can be complemented by a school-service consultation plan


You can read the full terms here.   

Please contact us to discuss your interest.   Please consider carefully who should sign the contract.