I Matter Stage 1: Step 4: I Matter Process Plus: Watching Affectionately: Individualised Support

Scheduled to meet individual needs

The Step 4: I Matter Process Plus  Watching Affectionately 

I Matter Process Plus  equips you for a deeper understanding of how we use I Matter tools to work with children and families who are struggling or challenging

I Matter Process Plus offers a 3 week intensive period of Theory to Practice coaching.
Link Training offers you support in learning to provide informal support for less complex families with readiness to learn

+ I Matter Process Plus- a 3 week intensive orientation to the big picture of the I Matter Framework
+ Taking Stock Workshop
+ Registration online platform
+ 3 weeks of group based coaching supporting your understanding of how to use daily interactions with your focus child


Please note: to take part in I Matter Process Plus: you must be working with a Focus Child with at least 2 hours contact a day min 5 days a week 

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