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**Named Senior Organisational Representative:

Thank you for your interest in being a named Senior Organisational Representative for I Matter Relationship Health Training.

You have such an important role to play!   It starts with putting a slot in your diary to take a concern forward - then sticking with it.

Getting Started Organisational Membership offers a monthly prompt to think with others about where you want to go in your community>
That/s what this session is all about.   Taking a step in the dark and feeling your way forward  - a little bit at a time..   
Figuring out what your community needs and developing a stepped plan..  

The fee is £250pa per named link per organisation with option for multiple members.  
Once you have a minimum of 4 named links and a senior community link you can also have a community connector online account.

Each named senior membership comes with a personalised signed copy of my book



We will meet monthly (Tuesdays 3.30-4.30)  for just one hour to inspire and nudge you along your local path.   
We have ideas and resources to share but who knows exactly where you could take this!

Our core approach is stubborn optimism that we can through our collective actions make a meaningful difference.   

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully and our Confidentiality guidelines

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