Parents-Carers: What is an I Matter Approach and How can it help you to help your child? An Introduction: Expression of Interest

The Introduction to I Matter is intended for parents-carers who are interested in learning more about what is involved in an I Matter Approach.

This is a learning opportunity that will get you thinking about what is happening and what is possible in your role and setting. 

 The Introduction is offered via member schools and services.  It can include:

i) an online self-paced course for £5.  There is about 1 hours study
ii) via  live sessions on regular basis live webinar lasts 75mins and costs £10pp 

We also sometimes run the Introduction with a Getting Started Workshop as a one off 2 hour workshop event or with the First Steps Course

We open these out periodically prior to the next time we are opening a longer course


If you are interested in any of these please let us know by signing up with an Expression of Interest

We prioritise places for parents-carers of children that we are supporting through our early intervention and specialist services

We try to keep the live groups small so that there is time for meaningful exchange