Parents-Carers Community Wheel Membership Options: Expression of Interest

The I Matter Community Wheel aims to:
i)  Promote the importance of Adult-Child Relationship Health for Child and Adult Wellbeing
ii) Support and equip parents and carers in their important role in a full range of skills
iii) Improve access to informed support for parents and carers when difficulties are present.

There are 4 levels of membership
i)   Core Monthly Membership - open when completed First Steps Online Training - monthly recorded session themed on the Wheel for 1-2 adults in same family
ii)  Scholarship Membership - open when completed First Steps Online Training - weekly recorded Q&A session based on the Wheel
iii) Active Membership - open when completed Intensive Online Training - core Tues session plus 2 further a month
iv) Supporting Others Membership (open when completed Intensive - core Tues plus 2 further a month)

Core Parent Programme:  (1 session a month)
Community Wheel Network (Tues 2-3 week 2)
This also gives you ongoing access to the courses you have taken so far

Active Parent Programmes is CORE plus
Week 1 Q&A on Wheel Theme  (Tues 2-30pm Wk 3)
Week 2 CORE: Community Wheel Network (Tues monthly 2-3 Week 2)
Week 3 Q&A on Wheel Themes (Tues 2-30pm Wk 3)
Week 4 Wheel Goals and Celebrations  (Tues 2-30pm Wk 3)

Membership is open to those who have completed First Steps Online Training.