++ Organisations: Progressing Relationship Health Practice: I Matter Staff Development Membership

Fee based on school or organisation size

The I Matter Staff Development Membership is intended to help your school or service progress an organisational relationship health learning journey to help develop the insight and skills of, staff, parents and pupils progress with their individual Relationship Health Learning Journeys:

You can join the staff development membership when you have two staff registered for Five Steps Training.  Membership gives 
+ 1 member of senior leads community (if they have completed Step 1-2)
+ a discount code of 20% off Step 1-2 online accounts for staff members
+ the online organisation members library and forum - progressing organisational certification
+ access to the weekly Q&A for professionals currently on Step 1-2 training -presubmitted questions
+ access to recorded monthly programme on themes relevent to implementation in organisation settings Secondary on Week 2 and Primary on Week 4)- 

The intention is to help you to continue to build understanding for the important task of building the skills that support relationship health in staff, parents and young people

Organisational Membership can be complemented by a school-service consultation plan

PLEASE NOTE:  This programme is not a substitute for participation in the small group coaching personal development programme


You can read the full terms here.   Please consider carefully who should sign the contract.

Please contact us to discuss your interest.   



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