The I Matter School-Service Membership and Organisational Award Scheme is intended to help your school or service  who want to move past the Tasters stages and get started with the right people on board to help children, staff and parents pursue the I Matter Challenge Award and the I Matter Organisational Award.. 

The subscription is a two year minimum as we want to work with schools and services who have a commitment to a longer term view and we want to help you get strong foundations in place.   Its core function is to support a regular progress audit and planning process 

Our subscription is based on school size as we have seen that one of the biggest challenges in this area of practice is developing a team approach and for that you need enough people working together to explore culture and practice with a clear longer term plan

Our minimum commitment guidelines for your school or organisation subscription in the first 2 years are as follows. After this we will agree a plan based on your training and provision needs.   A plan is a 90min formal call

Small        <300 pupils    £500pa       2 planning + Senior Network + min £1000pa       
Medium    >300 pupils    £1000pa     4 planning + Senior Network + min £2000pa     
Large       >1000 pupils   £1500pa     6 planning + Senior Network + min £3000pa     

+ Named Senior Leader Membership of the Senior Network
+ Completion of the I Matter Schools-Services Practice Audit
+ Opening of an I Matter Organisational Award Scheme Account 
+ The specified number of team planning sessions

Your core subscription package can be supplemented by purchase of extra units to be used for staff or parent training and support

The signing up for the core package should be completed by a senior member of your team with authority to digitally accept the contract terms.    You can read the full terms here.   Please consider carefully who should sign the contract.

Once your subscription is set up you can contact us to book into courses or arrange dates for staff training or parent consultations.
We have start any time options and scheduled courses at each level starting each half term..

Pricing options